Did i travel?


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So basically only when trying to get inyo the trading scene i remembered that this particular character was created when 1.10 was the latest patch, got a few levels and progressed to "endgame" in 1.13 but i might have something left over which is not exclusive yo 1.10 but is from that patch.

As soon as a new patch arrived i updated and continued to play.

So does this mean i time traveled? (I might not even have any items from old patches).

I dont want to taint 1.13 only players if im considered a time traveler now.
I almost did my first trade but thanks to nulio im now worried i might taint a player.


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Not many people worry about moving forward from 1.10, much of my stuff is like this. I would put it in you trade profile, but it is no big deal.


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Yes, add it to your trader profile. But don't worry about taint, I can't remember any trader that is not tainted about time traveled items.

Some do not want items from those versions, but didn't mind trading with those who had, or were already tainted.
Every time a member mentions that in their profile on trade thread I usually ask about that difference, if they just don't want the items, or to not trade at all with people that do have such items. Most/all just don't want the items and proceeded with the trading.


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I actually dont mind trading with people who have or trade itema from older version because you cant really avoid it.

Ive had characters from 1.00 but not anymore so i see time traveling as a normal thing but i was worried i might taint a person who might not like that.

Good news - ill be able to trade with 1.07 - 1.13 traders.


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I'm no expert at this, but this is about people enjoying self-imposed restrictions. The stricter they are kept, the more fun it may be. That means, your character is tainted, as well as all he ever gathered. If you equip other characters with his loot of give them a bit of his gold, they are as tainted and their loot will taint future wearers as well, even if they give it back or drop it later.

It's not a kind of imagined disease or a matter of silly superstitions or dogmas, but of avoiding all kinds of influences from earlier patches and avoiding the question whether or to which extent it gave an advantage at all.

Edit: Most if this has probably been written in the postings which appeared while I wrote mine :). Most traders aren't purists of that kind, probably because many also restrict themselves on self-found items as well.


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Ill have to be careful not to "taint" any purist players but overall i think time traveling is a thing ols timers had to go through