Did i rob someone?


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Did i rob someone?

Ok, so last night i dropped a 10/11 necro torch :sad2:

Open up a hell game simply O necro torch

First guy that shows up offers me

Obendeince in a cryptic axe
Tal Rasha lidless eye
demonhorns edge - elite barb helm
dangoons teaching
heasru's adamant
and a lem :shocked:

He even apoligised if it was low.......

Since traded the lidless for 10pgs but no idea about the other stuff. How good i deal did get? me thinks excellent.


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well, you sold a cheap item for a bunch of cheap items. I think for the lem it is well worth to do the trade, but other things are not useful really. The obediance in eth CA or non-eth?


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Lem is worth it on its own, I wouuld guess. Not up on the economy though.

Obedience can be useful, even if it's not that tradeable.

IMO, you got the better end of the deal, but only slightly.


Generally, it was a fair trade. You bought three items that are approximately the same price as the Torch and three items that are worth nothing. (that Haemosu stuff etc)


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lagalot said:
If you were both happy with the items you received it was just a good trade.
I totally argree with lagalot. The other person might think as you do that he got a better deal, depending on how badly he wanted the torch! :grin:


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Evrae Altana said:
I would've traded just for the Lem. :jig:

thats what i thought as well as the tv thread says lem ish for a low necro. so far on everything else i have 28pgs and still have the obediance to flog.


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Remember too it was a necro torch. Likely all he was interested in was the +3 skills. For a summoner at least, that's the biggie and anything else is just a bonus. He probably didn't care that it was a low torch, I know I didn't when I traded for mine.