did anyone try.....


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did anyone try.....

A Melee Necro in 1.10 yet???
Was thinking of starting one, don't have much idea about equipment, think i'll make that up along the way depending on what i find with my mf-ers in the that it takes me to build him

About skills i'm thinking of a nice big bone armor, amplify for damage, and bone prison or bone wall for some crowd control. Wich one would be better you people think? i don't have much (if any) experience with necro's so wouldn't really know, besides that i'll just make it up as i go along i think

For stats i'm thinking base energy, enoug dex for max block with say.... rhyme or maybe mosers as a starting point, about 100 str without equipment and the rest in vit.

Also think i'll take a might merc for i think i'll be needing the damage

Any suggestions? would it work or is it a totally hopeless thing? (keep in mind i have almost no experience with a necro but i thought it nice to try :D)


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Instead of just mele, I would recommend a poison necro that uses p-dagger effectively.

I have one in the works right now, and he does OK in act5 nm.

P-dagger was my main skill for most of my life, but gradually p-nova has taken over.

I recommend 1 in bone armor (I plan to use the marrowwalk bug - pvm), max p-dagger early, 1 point in clay golum, 1 in golum mastery, 1 in summon resits (that is your main tank).

Right now I only have 1 in corpse explosion (that seems to be enough for now).

I have 1 in each curse (might get more in lower resist later)

My point distribution went like this - pump p-dagger early (10-15), while getting the golum, curses, and prereqs for p-nova.

once I got p-nova, I pumped that until maxed, then finished maxing p-dagger. Right now, p-nova does over 4k damage, and p-dagger does over 7k.
(I wear a homoculous and blackbogs sharp dagger).

I didn't put hardly any in dex (just enough to cary blackbogs) for 2 reasons. 1, AR comes from p-dagger (i still have 66% chance to hit)
2, I would rather pump vit than go for max block.

in any case, this is a very fun build. Every once in a while I go back to normal to see how many hits it takes to kill Diablo on p1 game. Right now, im down to 2 hits :).

Hope this helps a little.

ps, recommend Holy Freeze merc - they rock - slow everyone down so poison works better. :rant:


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Muffassa said:
Instead of just mele, I would recommend a poison necro that uses p-dagger effectively.

I have one in the works right now, and he does OK in act5 nm.
Well thanks for the advise but using that poison stuffie would mean i'm making a necro who was meant to be viable (looking at the skill tree not game term viability) and what i'm looking for is something weird... A necro swinging with an axe or an sword or something :D
Ow, i'm also not planning on using marrowwalk.. not only because i don't have em but also because i don't like to be exploiting bugs



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Well, you're looking at a build that's considered a challenge even by the easy standards of .09. ;) Ain't done it myself (in .10, that is), but i can suggest some things to look out for.

First thing would be a weapon to aim for. AR will be a major headache. With no combat skill that adds AR or dmg, you be finding it very hard to hit enemies, nor deal any decent dmg. Possibly among the best weapons (not any of the uber runewords) you could get would be grim's burning dead.

+140-180% Enhanced Damage
+200-250 to Attack Rating
Adds 131-232 fire damage
50% Target's Armor Used in To-Hit
Requirements -50%
Fire Resist +45%
Attacker Takes Damage of 8
+20% Enhanced Defense (?)
+3 to Necromancer Skills

Meleemancer written all over it, and if you chance upon a Pul, the giant thresher version will surely be a viable endgame weapon. gg @ low requirements, fast base speed (-10) and reduction of tgt armour. I'm hypothising here, but i believe an Eth in the GBD may take enemie's effective armour to 25%. That would solve AR problems in a big way. IF.

Oh and i realise its a 2 hander, so no sheild. But dmg's bad enough as it is, so screw the shield and go for the cool scythe weilding necro look with the fast and sexy range 5 weapon. +10 right away for stye factor. :D

Gameplay wise i'm thinking AI curses will be playing a big part in making the game manageable. Dim vision and attract can control any crowd perfectly, and it'd be good if you can get used to positioning your casting of amp/decrep such that only the immediate enemies you're engaging has the AI curse overwritten. Note also that you can cast amp over an 'attracted' enemy, and the effect will remain.

I'd use revives as tanks too, and possibly a thorns merc to go with it. But if you're keen on having your necro as the main killing force, it'll be a close call between might and blessed aim. I'm advocating an offensive based merc, as the necro can handle himself more than adequately on the defensive side, with AI curses, hoards of tanks and bone spells. Eventually for me, it'll be blessed aim unless i can get all the +AR gear i'll be needing. After that might will rock. It raises your dmg from pathetic to little better than pathetic. :D

Good AR gear to get your hands on would be:
Angelic ring/ammy combo (HUMONGOUS AR boost here)
Visionary mod (on ammys and circlet types, IIRC)
IK boots
And probably a gazzillion .10 items i don't know about. :lol:

Leech may be useless for the necro, considering how nerfed it is and how little dmg output is. I'd go with keeping bone armour up, and potions, rather than leech, and free up gear for other uses.

I think i went off a little more than i expected to, good luck with the build, keep us posted. Hope this helps. ^^


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I know you mentioned that you don't like bugs - but this one is still up for interpretation in my book.

P-dagger still gives AR bonus, even if a dagger is not the weapon. Just swing with the p-dagger skill (left mouse) and the AR bonus will apply to any weapon.

Maybe you want to give that a look (lets you use a different merc other than blessed aim).

Otherwise, I agree with the Grims Burning Dead route (wanted to try that one too) and have fun :)


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I was planning on trying out a Grim's Meleemancer at some point myself, so I too am interested in what more people will say. Some helpful tips so far...



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I have a necro in the works right now. hes in act 1 hell....hes got 20/20 RS/SM
a golem
all curses

Im toying around with gear...like Lots of crushing blow/open wounds and the like.

get a 15% ias jewel into a guilliaum's face and use that for the crushing blow and stuff...highlords wrath is a good ammy. any melee armor you got should be decent(shaft with a nice jewel in it....Ias preferably for me) goreriders boots are bitchen, marrow walks make for decent bone armor if not you can skimp on skele mastery and pump bonewall for the armor. max block is important. homunculus is a good shield for him...stormshield, rhyme anything. Oh i forgot to mention, put points into Pdagger, put that as your attack button, even though dmg/ar wont show in your stat window you can hover over the AR box and still see a chance to hit based off of Pdaggers AR bonus...cool eh? Cresent moon phase blade is what im using for the static/open wounds/speed...its working decent...CE is what really kills...CB is what kills bosses and well...everything...Passion runeword would be cool to have cause, i think it gives you zeal. thats nice to have with crushing blow and open wounds and static all ready to go off. You could probably ditch the skeles if you want and focus on a golem and bone armor more....get a holy freeze merc with clay golem and decrip and play in slow motion lol....lots of things...

all in all, Crushing blow is the only way youll do major dmg, but you can still get decent amounts of raw dmg...Pdagger will raise your AR A LOT, you should have a decent chance to hit with high dex from trying to get max block. Might mercs will help you and your minions...holy freeze will help you and your golem. defiance is always a safe bet. heck get a Act III cold merc to freeze non immune mobs solid. Im sure you could find other play styles.... have fun, i know i am. lots of dex for blocking/AR and Vita is good but not too stressed if you have lots of minions/bone armor.


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my experiences

I have played 2 melee necros right through hell so i have a few things that havent been mentioned...

Decrepify is really handy since it is a good crowd control and it reduces enemy damage which is really handy since you die in like 3 hits in a5 hell o_O
prison works too. A golem is essential but if you start getting into other summons (ones that do damage) you end up just being a commander who hides behind them with a big weapon. I was a big fan of my shield too, in late hell. For AR problem an ignore target defense weapon did the trick (LS). Another thing thats kinda fun to do too is throw a bow on your switch. Its not quite melee but you dont really see many bow necros around :). Life tap is nice if theres 2-3 monsters left in the pack and you want to gain some life back. I recomend defiance or HF merc. HF + decrep = they dont move, while defiance means you arent gettin hit. Also you might wanna read MonjoJerry's melee sorc story it gives good strategies for breaking up monster packs (which you prob gonna have to do eventuallY).

Good luck, its a fun char


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Muffassa said:
I know you mentioned that you don't like bugs - but this one is still up for interpretation in my book.

P-dagger still gives AR bonus, even if a dagger is not the weapon. Just swing with the p-dagger skill (left mouse) and the AR bonus will apply to any weapon.
I checked out the Arreat Summit, and there's this interesting line in the description for Poison Dagger:

The Poison Dagger Spell is designed to offer Necromancers the option to effectively use another weapon type should he choose that path to follow.

That suggests to me that the AR bonus affecting other weapons is deliberate, unless the Arreat Summit considers a Skeleton or a Bone Spear as a weapon in its own right (I don't, personally, but I'm not privy to Blizzard's inmost counsels).


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i had a dueling melee necro on us east...even if you dont use a dagger...put a point into poison dagger and cast it occaisionally....it adds 25% attackrating i believe. but i usually duel'd other "weinie" classes like melee sorcs and the such. if you decide to do this get ahold of me and i'll mp my dagger/frenzier with ya