Did anyone actually bother watching Britney's tv show? ifr


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Did anyone actually bother watching Britney's tv show?

I heard Britney Spears made a Tv Show with her not so famous dancing husband, was wondering if anyone actually watched the thing? I myself watched that 70's show and Smallville yesterday, and really had no desire to give Britney and her new hubby any of my precious time.


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does britney have a tv-show?,

i'd rather spent my time on something more valueable, Like on the toilet


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Never even new she had a Tv show, but now that i do i know to avoid having the remotes batteries die on whatever channel it's on....


one more time i feel good about kicking the tv out of my flat a decade ago... i d say tv program can t get worse, but unfortunatly they prove me wrong whit every new reality show, soap or celeb thingy ( whatever these celebs do anyway ) :(


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If it was filmed by a professional film crew then id watch it, but only to laugh at the dumb blonde star who can't do the simplist tasks, well she's Brunette now...why do i know that?

...Stupid Mainstream Media.