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Dia's ISO list for his Awesome Wind Druid

Discussion in 'US East Standard - Ladder' started by Dia, Jul 5, 2010.

  1. Dia

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    Jul 7, 2003
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    Dia's ISO list for his Awesome Wind Druid

    ok everyone i got most things i need for this pvp wind druid but im just perfecting stuff now..

    3os 10%ed+ archon plate or an enigma in this
    148 base defense StormShield
    40 Res Hoto (made a 39)
    25+ res maras
    perfect arachs
    1 soj
    15-15 eth sandstorms
    element skill gcs w/ decent 2nd mod
    17+/20 Druid torch (currently using 16/19)

    im offering high runes for ever single item on my list (except SS = ist).. or if you like any of the items in my "epic ft list" i will take a fair trade of item to item.. just post which item u got and ill get back to you with my offer

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