Diablo's Red Lightning pi


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Sorry buddy, wrong forum. This forum is for strictly material related in no way, shape or form to the big D-word or Blizzard. You might wanna try again elsewhere. Lest you be beaten senseless with a fish.


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Ahem. This is the Off-Topic forum. That means no Diablo or Blizzard related stuff here. Scamper off to the community forum.


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Or you could just take an in game screen shot, that would be big enough I would think.

(If anyone else spams telling him to go to the community I will personally kill you in the face.)


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daskidude, try not to get any hard feelings from the responses? People here are really nice, this is just a Diablo II exorcism ritual for the OT Forum.


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Daskidude, you'd best high-tail outta the OTF for a while before the rest of the OTF shows up with the stash of Tactical Assault Trouts. :D