Diabloe Clone vs. Europe-Gat


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Diabloe Clone vs. Europe-Gat

in my 6th mephisto hell mf-run i got a soj counter message.
after ending the mf run i already had 7 messages.

i decided to stay and waited for around 25 messages and he danced again for me after my very bad luck of servercrash on the DC spawn before.

Mike(my brother) entered with his mavina set ama and I switched to my zeal-fana paladin.

Arto added to the mix with his highlvl barb and Caje with his conviction paladin.

finally we invited Artos brother Jarepo with his salvation paladin and Missbiquette for her elemental-oaksage druid.

togehter we formed a really strong party which brought Diablo Clone down fast.
actually there was fanatism,might,holyfreeze,bo,shout,salvation,conviction,oaksage,bear and the shear insane killing power of all the players plus mercs present.

may his soul rest in peace once again.

+12 all resi
+11 all attributes
+5% more exp

thx for the short but enjoyfull moment.



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only one drops per DC

oops, beat me to it...guess thats wht i get for opening threads in new windows and reading others first lol