Diablo under Linux


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Diablo under Linux

It's more than a year I last tryed to run Diablo2 under Linux. Theoretically it was possible to run it you only needed to install a nocd-crack or trick the system in an other way. So I played under Windows.

The ETH now decided to only support Ubuntu in future with ETH related packages. So I kicked my old Linux yesterday and installed Ubuntu. It was never easyer to install a Distribution, even to setup Windows is harder, so I can recommend Ubuntu to everyone. I was courious how far the wine project is at moment, gathered some info and installed it once more, configured it to run properly (near to nothing need to be done). Then I installed Diablo and to my pleasure ubuntu/wine supports savedisk now.
So I played Diablo the first time under Linux.

For the geeks:
Ubuntu, kernel 2.6.17-10
wine 0.9.22-0ubuntu3
HAL 2d grafik modus
manual patching to LOD1.11b

A litlle HowTo for others:

Step 1: Download and installing Ubuntu

Download a live-disk of ubuntu and burn it to cd. This cd need to be a bootable one.
Boot your computer from the cd.
On the desktop doubleclick the link to the install manager. Let you guide you through the insallation.
Tip: you can easaly dualboot, if Windows is allready installed grub(bootloder) will be configured too.

Step 2: Installing wine

Start in to your new system.
In the menubar is an application tab, choose add/remove app.
In the dialogbox write wine into the search field and hit return.
Mark wine to become installed.
Press the OK button.
Open a terminal and enter winecfg then hit return. The config tool will appear.
Look at every tab in this tool, if everything look fine then hit OK.

Step 3: Installing Diablo

Insert the installation disk and run "Setup.exe".
The first time you will be asked for the appropriate programm to run exe files. Browse for /usr/bin/wine.
The Window will appear where you can choose the insallation typ. From here on do the same as under windows.
The d2vidtest will be runned during the installation. Choose HAL 2d in the dialogbox.
After a succsesfull insallation download the current patch from blizzard and patch the installation manually.

Step 4: Running Diablo

Simply doublecklick the link on your desktop.
Allternativlly browse to /home/<yourusername>/.wine/drive_c/Program Files/Diablo II/Diablo II.exe
.wine is a hidden folder, pressing ctrl+h makes it visible.

I will try to anser as many questions as possible but I'm short on time and if someone knows the anser to a question feel free to give the anser. When I have an idea on the problems diffrent user encounters I may write a comprehensive guide in the future.

I would also appreciate comments.

So and now enjoy Diablo running Linux