Diablo RNG


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Since I've been reading about time travelling and "relatively stable" racks, I've been wondering if Diablo II RNG can actually be manipulated.

I mean if I understood it right, at least racks drops depend a lot on what you do between loading new game and activating it. If you do exactly the same each time, most of the time you get the outcome you're looking for.

If that is right, could this actually be also used for other things like say, crafting?


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Simple answer no.

Rack running is much more stable in 1.07 because IIRC monster spawn doesn't affect the seed. I think this was amended in 1.09, but you can read more about it in the 1.07 guides.


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In (much) earlier versions, the seed did effect the drops exactly, which is why we don't allow the seed command on this forum except in very specific circumstances. So, technically it might sometimes be possible but it is pretty cheaty.