Diablo ONE - need favour

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Diablo ONE - need favour

sorry if this is the wrong forum to be posting in but there arent many active diablo one forums out there...
so chances are some people on here have diablo one along with diablo two...
if someone with an original diablo one cd could email me, i would truly appreciate it.
ill talk to you when you contact me through email and tell you what i need help with (my email is
if you help me out, id be more than happy to help you although im not sure what i can give to you.

if diablo 2 accounts from about a year ago still retain their items, then i could hook you up with some stuff on diablo 2.

otherwise i can offer ... knowledge? lol

please email me if you have an original diablo one cd
thanks a ton

Lord Nyax

I don't think this is the wrong forum to be posting. This is the wrong Web Site. Forums.Diabloii.net and all...

Nonetheless, the E-Mail insistance is still a problem. I have Diablo One, but I'm not going to go giving out my E-Mail address. There is a PM function on these forums. Try using that.


Send me a PM as to exactly what you are looking for.

And please do not post another thread since this one is closed, I will be leaving work within half an hour and may not respond to you untill tomorrow morning

It may not be allowed on this forum, I or and Dredd will make a decision on your PM and we will go from there.
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