Diablo Normal help? skeletons dying like flies!


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Diablo Normal help? skeletons dying like flies!

I've just started playing as a Necromancer (much more fun than assassins I think! I've always played as an assassin before), but I'm having trouble with Diablo on normal. His fire-circle attack (I'm sure there are proper names for his attacks but I have no idea what they are) kills my mages in one hit, and his fire beam then kills my other skeletons. Though at least they last longer than the golem. I tried to kill him 4-5 times, going to somewhere else to summon more skeletons and resurrect my merc each time, but I only got him down to half health. And then I got hit by his fire beam and died. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I can kill him?

These are my characters stats at level 35(if it's relevant?):
77 Str
65 Dex
83 Vit
30 En

Skill points:
20 RS
6 SM
3 RM
1 CG
1 GM
1 SR
1 in each of Amp D, Terror, Weaken, Decrep, DV, IM

I don't really have any equipment of note, what I do have is:
+1 to all necro skills weapon
+2 to skelli mage head

I have a Act 2 normal defence merc, again with un-notable equipment.


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Are you on single player or battlenet?

if yer on useast ladder, i can help you out a bit.

Basically, your build LOOKS good.

What you wanna do is keep reacasting your golem so that he is on the opposite side of the other skellies, and cast decrep when ever it runs out. That should slow him down. DOn't be afraid to teleport out and get more skellies, he doesn't regen that fast in normal.

Summoners have the hardest time in Normal because of Big D. Don't get discouraged, bro.

if yer in single player, run around act 3 and act 4 some more. Shamans and fetishes can drop nice rares, and act 4 gives you some nice exp and can drop good uniques as well.

As i said, if you are on useast ladder, *beneathsilence and i'll come take a look at you and see whats up.


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I'm playing SP, thanks for the offer of help tho :) And I've just thought about it a bit more, I had it set to players 8 when I first ecountered him, after trying and failing to kill him I set it back to players 1 while I was raising more skellies, but that won't have changed his HP cos he was already spawed will it? So I could kill him on players 1 I think, as I got half his HP in players 8. But that seems a bit cheap. But it would be a lot quicker. Ohh, choices choices.


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Big D is tough as hell on normal.

The trick is to keep your golem alive. When he dies recast him and keep a safe distance to diablo.

Decrepify works wonders here so maybe you should try and get a wand/head with it?


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Beneathnoise said:
Just remember, the SP game is meant to be played on players 1.


go kill'em.
I dont agree.

I can help - one thing - you should first invest into skellies then into mastery

edit -
Go to single player forum and Weekly Game thread link
Ask someone to help you kill him. I know ho hard is to kill him alone with unskilled necro.
I had one tactic:
Sommoning Iron golem Casting Amplify Damage or Iron maiden
If golem dies cast clay golem or iron again+ iron maiden till he dies.


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As long as you have iron maiden normal Diablo will be easier for you to kill (although it is time-consuming compared to other ways). My very simple combo is iron maiden with clay golem.The CM is very cheap to cast so the mana cost wont be a problem. Just make sure u get a lot of mana potions.
All u have to do is cast IM and the spawn the CM next to Diablo. He might kill it with a magical attack but dont worry. Just recast it. He will probably then kill with his normal attack. The IM does the trick and u hit him without being in trouble. Just repeat and repeat and repeat. Watch out for the Prison - red lightning combo. Its deadly.
I really have such fun seeing diablo, practically , killing himself :p
I hope i helped you out a bit
PS: i think i also works with the skellies


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Get all your minions and merc up for the fight

Your skellies are gonna die pretty fast to his ele attacks in normal.
Crowd him and then get behind a pillar if possible, try to keep your skellies hitting him. Keep him Decryptified and a golem on him as long as you can. Even with lvl 2 of each, this should reduce his offense ability HUGELY.
I know its rather hard untwinked with not much mana in normal, but I think it may be possible. If that doesn't work, just try it on players one?

as far as CG/IM, if he can afford to redo CG and IM over and over, he should be able to afford decryp i would think, and that should work for killing diablo.

With Decryp, CG is dying less, so it saves more mana than IM, tho Decryp costs more than IM.



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Helm? It's a preserved head, and it is +2 to s mage.

I fought him again today, on /players 1, it was v. easy. I had to resummon the skellies once, but that was the only problem.