Diablo Netflix series and sacking of Blizzard CFO

In the name of Zod

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Any correlation? No? Ok, so back to reality. Interesting times, bungee separate from Activisions parental publishing hand and Spencer Neumann getting the boot literally from Activision Blizzard because he did something unlawful ('likely' voided a contract clause in his employment, source: reddit). But what on earth does this have to do with the Diablo animation series on netflix? The man gets sacked while possibly being poached by netflix and from what I've read he is still technically employed at Activision Blizzard or not?

How does this all link into the Diablo series at netflix? How does a CFO get pulled into it? Who is paying for the Diablo series? Andrew Cosby (2 guns movie and new hellboy movie) is apparently the writer for it although IMDb has no information at all on this issue. Did activision get cold feet? Is this a 'pull the pin' moment on another diablo project?