Diablo is back!


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Yes, the news got me all nostalgic. But with RFL just around the corner, I'll wait for a while before getting it.


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I did not wait being i have never played it before. Now to NOT play it in my hotel on holiday in london as i am meant to be here seeing things not gaming ;)


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You might be surprised, but I've never played D1 because I didn't like it back then. Perhaps I'm giving it a try!

As far as I understand it, it doesn't come with the expansion, right?


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I'm giving it a try. I played it very little back in the day because about the same time I discovered that D2 was already out, so got that instead. So, while I am not all that nostalgic about D1 I'll still get it for the updates.


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D1 was great, I really got into it. IMO the sound and graphics created an atmosphere that is still unmatched, even though it's the oldest entry. Having played it in the early days, the game now has a godly nostalgic factor that makes it a wonder to return to.


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I was about to say "Back? It never went anywhere!" as I had just fired up my copy and did a little grinding with a Warrior I started some time ago, but then I realized I'm a dinosaur, still using Win7, thus, didn't realize that was a problem. :p

Cool news for people with modern equipment, ten bucks is worth it I would say. Warcraft II as well, that's pretty neat. It was my first Windows PC game as everything before that was on my Commodore 64. I got the game from my neighbor; he wasn't allowed to play it because his heavily religious parents thought it was too demonic for him.

If you've never played Diablo, do yourself the great honor of playing it through without looking at guides and such at least once!


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I use to think that Diablo I and II are like the terminator movies like that. No amount of improved effects could make the sequel match the unrefined horror of the first. The smith, while nasty the first time, still wasn't even worthy of polishing the shoes of the butcher.

At work, I held out the longest in my office against the mandatory windows 10 downgrade. Even with the bug fixing and faux beta testing that had gone on in the meantime, productivity of course dropped afterwards.


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The atmosphere of this game is unmatched. The opening movie gives me chills every time I see it. Nobody says a word, you just hear wind blowing and a door hinge creaking. Just brilliant.

And not to forget the beautifully horrifying theme. There is just so much to be said about the atmosphere in this game. D2 has nothing of it, sadly.


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There are some quirks to d1 that aren’t in the other games. If you’ve never played it before, I suggest you go find a strategy guide.

Gold takes up space in your inventory. Things useful, but you don’t need to carry, or you can’t use, can be dropped in town and will basically stay safe.

No press alt to see what dropped. Good luck finding rings

Not all shrine are goodx know what they do before touching.

All classes want spells

Sorcerer toughest to start but v strong later.

Save often! Death doesnt mean back to town to respawn. It’s back to your last save!

Elixers help you max out things

There are a bunch of quests in threes. You’ll get two of the three. So you need to pick up everything from town at some point, save and “new game” to do a sort of new game+

Also you do that if it’s getting too tough and you want to get stronger and redo stuff

Only walking is painful

The music is awesome

Less equipment slots than d2

The damage numbers are much smaller than d2

The expansion is worth it imo. It adds a class but you add a text file and get two more!​


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NamelessPenguin said it well. This game is an absolute gem. I'm not sure how it would feel if one tried it for the first time today, but for me it brings back memories and takes me back in time. I spent my childhood playing it and we had a clan called Guild of Shadows. We would have clan meetings every weekend, play together and discuss about the game. Fun times. I used to fear taking on Hell/Hell The Dark Lord and usually asked for help.

Soundtrack is a masterpiece and paints a threatening atmosphere when you descend into the crypt and hear occasional snarls and cries in the distance. Caves are horrific because of how the light radius works. They're dark and full of fast enemies. You really need to think how to approach those murky corners in the end of a corridor because rushing in recklessly will get you killed. No corpse mechanism either, so all your items get spilled on the floor. Hell is just... well, Hell (unless you're well geared and seasoned veteran). Rushing will still get you killed, even with the mighty lightning and fire spewing sorceror unless you're exploiting mana shield. This is different to Diablo II. More intimidating, maybe, If I'm finding the right expression.

Still dreaming of that perfect dragon's of wizardry jewelry set. Last year I went for a shopping spree with ~L20 char and grabbed myself a nearly perfect jade/brilliance large shield. I should dust off my disc once again...

In my opinion, Hellfire is not worth it, so no harm done not including it. It does bring in more items and many of them are interesting, but it's just not Diablo. The Hive looks like something out of Alien and shows that it was not created by Blizzard.
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@Timinator - I read your tips, and think that they're all very common tips. I probably played it (and a mod of it,) last year, so it's probably very fresh in my mind. But definitely some very good tips.

---The shrines that actually hurt you is important. There is a shrine that improves your Firebolt spell (it DOES cap out from reading books, so the skills don't matter in the end,) but also permanently decreases your mana. That is a terrible trade!

---There is also one type of monster that PERMANENTLY reduces your max life, every hit. And if you don't know, there's nothing you can do afterwards to get your hitpoints back. (There is/was a feature/glitch that being at very low maximum hitpoints meant that you never suffered from hit recovery.)

Ring drops are "ok", if you have good eyesight. I've always needed glasses/contacts, so as a kid, I easily missed them, even though I heard the noise. But you have to know what, when, and where you're looking to see the ring drops. Audio helps!

Regardless if you've played it before, or came to the Diablo Universe in D2/D3, it's worth taking a look at the roots of Diablo. What made the successors of the franchise. Without Diablo, D2 and DIII could not exist, and the story from the original time is great.

Now that I've upgraded to Win10... I might actually have to get the GoG version to replay it again, even though I played it 'recently.' But, GoG do a great job in my mind, so I'm glad they've released a Diablo version for modern PCs.

Hellfire adds a couple extra features/areas, which should be added for pure 'part of the game,' but was not made by Blizzard. It's okay, but definitely not needed. It didn't really add anything to canon lore. I feel like it should be included, but you're not missing out on anything if it isn't.


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I found Diablo late, after DII had already been released, so it's unfinished business for me. It's a deep, unscratched itch, and I may have to yield to the temptation.

I would not even think of trying Diablo again without having a copy of Jarulf's Guide to Diablo and Hellfire handy. I was pleased to note, when I went to the Lurker Lounge to find it (right where I first found it 15 years ago), that the LL post announcing Diablo on GoG was from Jarulf his ownself. :)


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I highly recommend AutoHotKey or a similar program to anyone going back to the original Diablo. The need to click for every attack quickly takes a toll on ones hands and mouse. Remapping the skill hotkeys to more convenient keys is useful too. Here is my AutoHotKey script for using E/S/D/F for skills, R for inventory, G for automap, and the middle mouse button to simulate holding Shift and continuously left clicking:

#IfWinActive, DIABLO

    SendInput {F5}

    SendInput {F6}

    SendInput {F7}

    SendInput {F8}

    SendInput {Tab}

    SendInput s

    SendInput i

    SendInput {Shift down}
    while GetKeyState( "MButton", "P" ) {
        SendInput {Click, left}
        sleep, 20
    SendInput {Shift up}
Hellfire adds a couple extra features/areas, which should be added for pure 'part of the game,' but was not made by Blizzard. It's okay, but definitely not needed. It didn't really add anything to canon lore. I feel like it should be included, but you're not missing out on anything if it isn't.
Hellfire's additional content is mostly forgettable and it's based on an earlier, buggier version of Diablo but it does add two very convenient spells: Search and Identify. The first highlights items on the ground and the second eliminates the need to waste precious inventory space on scrolls or haul everything back to town for identification.


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@Zyr I can highly recommend delving deeper into D1 at some point. It's quite different from D2, it certainly has a lot of flaws, but I think it's a very good game, even after all those years. Not sure how much of that is due to nostalgia of course.

And yes, +1 (or make that +101) to Jarulf's guide. I still have it on my computer for reference, although it's been ages since I have played D1.

@Timinator and @Drystan Thanks for the info. Although I knew a lot of that, some of it I either didn't, or not anymore. Which monster type is it, that permanently reduced your max life?

@sudomasochist Ah yes, the search skill. Indeed very useful. Other than that I think that Hellfire's content is forgettable indeed. I kinda liked the new area with the new end boss (not the boss himself though), as it had more or less an atmosphere that was similar to that of the original. The Nest on the other hand ... oh gosh, what were they thinking.

Some more thoughts from me:

  • Stone Curse spell is OP.
  • the two main issues about the game for me are no running and no 'show items' key
  • as it is with most old games I played before I had internet, despite the fact that I absolutely loved the game, I don't think I ever got really good at it. Another reason to pick the game up again, and do it properly this time.


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Thanks. And lol, yes probably. It's ugly though.

Btw, I found this guide, as well as the GoG forum post about it. Seems you can play Hellfire with it, if you have the CD of Hellfire. Since I have it, I may give this a try as well when I try out GoG D1, if only for the Search Skill. There wouldn't be any downsides to playing Hellfire instead of straight D1, even if I don't dabble into Hellfire content much, right?


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@T72on1 I remember reading some of the base stats changed in hellfire but I don't remember on what. Obviously apocalypse is a learned spell, so it should play into item rolls. It also doesn't cast behind walls which is why we loved it! God mode. Not sure what else would effect the game if you avoid the added content.

I'm so impressed with everyone's praise of the ambiance and feel of the original game. Gamers I meet in real life always relate with the usual suspects like pokemon red, FF7, Zelda Ocarina of Time, WC, SC being classics but then I say D1 and they scoff. I think the mechanics weren't great but the experience was still charming, and addictive. Not to mention the birth of the general concept which led to more creative concepts in diablo 2- an undisputed masterpiece. I have nothing but praise for the original, even if it's as unpolished as bug ridden pokemon red.