Diablo Immortal #8-10 Monk, Necromancer & Wizard


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Figure I'd release the remainder of my current Diablo: Immortal wallpapers here for everyone to enjoy my wallpaper art for what its worth. Regardless of what Diablo game I'm posting them for.

Love it or hate it people Diablo: Immortal is here to stay whether we like it or not.

With that Here's my latest 3 sets of wallpapers for the game featuring the Monk, the Necromancer and the Wizard.

Diablo: Immortal #8: Monk

Normal: http://fav.me/dd4issb
No Logos: http://fav.me/dd4itgn
Mobile: http://fav.me/dd4itks

Diablo: Immortal #9: Necromancer

Normal: http://fav.me/dd4iu3y
No Logos: http://fav.me/dd4iuje
Mobile: http://fav.me/dd4iunn

Diablo: Immortal #10: Wizard

Normal: http://fav.me/dd4iv8o
No Logos: http://fav.me/dd4ivf1
Mobile: http://fav.me/dd4ivn1

With these I will make more wallpapers based on the Reveal/Opening Cinematic for the game in time. As well as Diablo 1 & more future Diablo 3 wallpapers. I'll also dash in some more Heroes of the Storm Diablo pieces and a side of Overwatch here and there. See you soon on the next wallpaper.

Like it or hate it thanks for looking at the wallpapers overall. I appreciate it none-the-less.

Diablo (C) Blizzard
Diablo Immortal & In-game/assets (C)Netease & Blizzard
Wallpaper arrangements made by me.

Thanks all!