Diablo Immortal #5 Barbarian (w/ and w/o logos and mobile)


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This weekend was a busy wallpaper based one. I posted more D3 Switch Commercial Wallpapers (up to 10 now) and Also a new one for Diablo Immortal.

Diablo Immortal #5: Barbarian: http://fav.me/dd01grd
DI #5 Barbarian (No Logos): http://fav.me/dd01hjc
DI #5 Barbarian Mobile: http://fav.me/dd01hp5

Hope you guys like.

I'll have the rest of the classes posted over the next few weeks.

Still made with love for the world and everything in it.


Diablo & Diablo Immortal (C) Blizzard & Netease​
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