Diablo III: 30 Million Copies Sold



Diablo 3 long since became the biggest selling PC Game ever, and this week in Activision's Quarterly Report, they revealed that total Diablo 3 sales have now exceeded 30 million copies, putting the title into the top 10 all time best selling video games. Forbes gaming blog, Diablo III: 30 Million Copies Sold:

One of the bullet points in the report is that Diablo 3 has just passed 30 million in sales. That’s a number that I don’t think is getting enough attention, because when put in context of the larger industry, that means Diablo 3 is one of the best-selling games of all time. It’s actually in 10th place, according to the most comprehensive lifetime sales list we have from Wikipedia.

...If you want a second opinion, you can reference this (less reliable) VGChartz list instead of Wikipedia, which would actually put Diablo 3 in 7th place instead.​

This is combined sales of all versions of Diablo III, plus the expansion pack. So that's D3v + RoS + D3 console + UEE console, including digital downloads, but *not* including the Not including 1.2m advance copies given out to WoW one-year subscribers.

With pretty much everyone expecting at least one more expansion pack, hopefully debuting in 3 months at Blizzcon 2015, that number looks likely to grow much larger. It's also impressive when you consider that total sales hit 20m in June 2014, which included all the initial RoS sales... and that more than 10m copies have been sold in the past year. The UEE console version came out last August, so safe to assume most of the 10m sales in the past 14 months were from that.

Also, compare to other Blizzard titles. World of Warcraft has sold an estimated 14m copies, including the original game and all 5 expansion packs, and it was released 8 years before Diablo 3. (Monthly sub fees matter, obviously.) Also, Starcraft + Starcraft 2 have sold about 17m copies combined. So tell me again, who run Bartertown?

Thanks to FMulder for the news tip. Visit his forum thread to share the proud or shameful truth about how many copies you've personally accounted for!
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30 million copies sold with focus on a new demographic, while taking a dump on the old one. Producing dumbed down games isn't something to be proud of, Blizzard. It will come back at you. Real talent will seek jobs elsewhere.


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In a way, I'm glad to see Diablo is still so popular. But in another, larger way, it's kind of sad to see such a sup-par game do so well. Regardless of what the future brings, I think for me, D3 will go down as being the moment my gaming experience and opinions stopped being relevant, and a new generation took over.


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What a self-raised false elitism we have here.

Please, tell me about demographic. I played first Diablo before Diablo II came out.