Diablo II Resurrected


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I know I might be shouting battle orders into empty space here. But I am going to play D2R and build a Barb. Not 100% sure on build, but it will be based on what I find and will likely change as I progress.

Im wondering what a full Immortal King set will look like!?!?


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It's been about a thousand years since I tried playing an untwinked barbarian. What are the best typical builds for that? Concentrate? WW?


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Same here. I still have a barb I've been leveling up on USWest, but I haven't got very far with him.

I'll probably be rolling either a WW barb or a pitzerker when I move over to D2:R, but it's probably going to be slow going unless I can find a good weapon. I've done a WW barb with IK set in the past. Damage was kinda eh and you lack the survivaility a shield would give you.

It could still be fun through.