Diablo II Greatness

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Diablo II Greatness

I have been playing videogames since i was 4 years old. Sonic the Hedgehog. I was god. Mario, zelda tetris. Then 3 years ago, i bugged my dad into letting me play. (he thought i was too young at 12). I broke through him. it was not easy though. Now, i have an XBox, and i love it dearly. And as great as ESPN MLB 2k5 may be, or fable, or any of those graphically sweet games, nothing can pull me away from Diablo. Everything about it kicks ass. From the Hysterical antics of the Bnet Haxxors (I em teh huug NooB, Plz Gib me itamz) to the greatest website ever, the SPF. I Love diablo II. Maybe I should marry my PC...:lol:


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You forgot who has screwed up their D2 install cd after years of no use, had parents delete LOD off the computer by accident, and now is SOL until he buys a new Original D2 cd set or borrows his friends. =D


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I'm like L_W. i always wind up back at d2. However I haven't been on it for awhile.
Arcanum took it's place till it destroyed 3 of my save files. so its back to the shelf. Should have fallout 1 & 2 by the end of next week(a bargain for $25..canadin n00b)
maybe d2 after them.
well i just accidentley uninstalled my copy of d2 and i dont got no classic discs right now so... oh well ill get another copy ina few days...
ive also been playng some halo on my dads labtop...danm flood...ick...


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Well, it was looking pretty bad for D2 for a while when Morrowind came, but when the day is over, I still come back to D2. Maybe someday it will get surpassed, but I don't see that day being soon.


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i love d2, but there have always been other games beside d2. of course, i've never been playing any other games for such a long time like the diablo series.