Diablo II balance question


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I just started playing Diablo II for the first time :-O

To my surprise it seems incredibly imbalanced, vs the original Diablo or similar genera games (not played D3), to the degree of feeling pointless to play.

Besides feeling too easy otherwise, its mainly because of the frequency and type of drops that are happening so early: like numerous items with multiple special attributes, and things like wands that can be sold for 5000 gold... In the first Diablo if I remember, you were lucky to find about 1-2 items with one minor special ability before the 3rd level?

Ive tried patches 1.14b and 1.10 sofar. And the install went smoothly although the install disc has one bad (non-concentric) scratch.

Wondering about others experience and thoughts about it, and if there are there mods that specifically address this?...


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Yeah you can quickly get gold, but gold isn't as big of a deal as in D1 I guess? I'd highly recommend playing D2 LoD expansion rather than the base game. I haven't bothered playing the base D2 in probably 15 years.


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Get LoD, try make one Guardian of each char, then come back and tell us about what is unbalanced :)