Diablo II 20 Year Anniversary Wish List


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Diablo II 20 Year Anniversary

With the 20 year anniversary of our beloved game, Diablo II, just around the corner (in dev years), let us ponder on some of the wonderful things Blizzard 'could' do to celebrate:

* bring in some of the Blizzard North team to create an L.O.D.-like expansion pack with an additional Act
* game refresh to include ideas from Median XL and Path of Diablo
* add another playable character
* add new NPC's
* add moar story line information
* add moar charms
* add moar runewords
* increase the chance of finding higher level runes
* similar to gold-find and magic-find items, add rune-find items
* include artwork from HK3K as well as other talented artists who submit work to diabloii.net
* add some new item sets
* add new unique items
* be able to craft unique items
* add new cow-level-specific items
* expand inventory slots
* add inventory slots to the Horadric cube


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Blizzard is rumored to be working on a D2 remaster. You will likely be disappointed if you want gameplay changes like new a class or new items.

We should look to the Starcraft remaster as a guide to what the D2 remaster may offer: