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[Guide] Diablo Hamachi Server with IPXWrapper

Discussion in 'Diablo 1' started by DiabloJames, Sep 9, 2013.

  1. DiabloJames

    DiabloJames IncGamers Member

    Sep 9, 2013
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    Tired of US East Battle Net cant let you in.
    Which happended to me too
    Heres my guide on Playing Diablo on Hamachi with IPXWrapper without Battle Net
    You,ll need Diablo and Patched into V1.09
    Hamachi Server
    Name : DIABLOIPX
    Password : 123
    IPXWrapper 0.3.4
    1.Patch Diablo to 1.09 at Battle Net Site Google it
    2.Extract IPXWrapper to the Diablo Directory
    3.Run ipxconfig.exe the Primary Device is Hamachi Interface to be selected
    4.Run ipxrouter.exe to Emulate the IPX
    5.Play Diablo and Enjoy ;)
    I played with my Brother it works so far.Hope this helps
    - DiabloJames

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