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Based on many opinions throughout the forums that I've seen, you should stay (if it's a hell game). It's not guarateed that you'll see dclone, but since you are on the spawning server (still not proved heh) there's a good chance that might spawn him. It's just a matter of patience and how much free time u got.


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it WILL spawn. the only question is: when

it depends on if they sell enough sojs or not. if your in a hell game and the counter goes up at a good rate, stay there. anti-idle or go kill cows. just leave at least 1 super unique alive (i recommend shenk + eldritch or shenk + thresh socket for the special dc kill trick)
shenk bug has been patched
blood raven bug has been patched

also i would go to the inner collister or the caren stones (red portal to tristram)


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he spawns in both game with password and with out, if u see the soj counter, just mf or run around town. it may take many hours for him to spawn but he will. if u are in a public game is always fun to kill off the well known super uniques and hostile to kill them who try to kill the clone, this is a lot of fun i might add :lol: