Diablo Clone solo Killer help


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Diablo Clone solo Killer help

I want to build a barbarian to go solo against D_Clone and be sucessful, I was hoping to use my IK_set but have doubts because I heard that D_Clone ignores target defense and I will not be using a shield with that big maul obviously so i have my doubts. Hoping if I max conc and all synergies that will be enough... then I heard he's immune against physical... so am thinking to max berserk instead. Please offer suggestions on solo D_clone killer... with IK set if possible or not.



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Use Rising sun and Nature's Peace(or anything with Prevent Monster heal), have high AR and 1pt in Battle Cry helps alot. Havng some crushing blow makes the task easier.

Rising sun will keep you from dieing from his inferno, and nature's peace will keep him from healing :).


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Heres my 2 cents... use Sazabies set on a sword frenxzy barb with a fire absorb item and have Laying of Hands and Goreriders... maybe Highlords wrath or rising sun like synt said or u could take out rising sun for dawrf star... and use frenzy on him....

That's what i would think that would work.

Because with Sazabi's and LoH you would get nice 15% LL from sazabi's set and a nice dmg to demons... hmm... ya i would use highlords wrath and have a ring w/ mana leech with some resist or AR and maybe use a ravenfrost onother ring for more AR.... i dunno ive never faced DC alone but i think it might work!


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how about a strategy since the guy is probably going to use the IK set...Im building a barb too and his final gear is that as well...absorb gear certainly is a must im wagering..natures peace ring ive never even seen but its mods certainly rock


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-max resists
-PMH, if not then poison charms seem to slow down his regeneration
-crushing blow
- big damage weapon
- % damage to demons

don't worry about not wearing a shield, my frenzy barb has killed him four times both solo and in 8-player without major issues using GF, silence phase, laying of hands with everything else standard MF equipment. Even 200 poison seemed to be enough to keep him from regenerating if I needed to come back to town for potions.

I have to think that IK barb would destroy the clone, so long as you had enough leech and speed. Maybe replace IK gloves with LoH

(edit) my full equipment was:
GF 269% ED 15% IAS
silence phase
39% MF ammy
Laying of Hands
Nagel ring
War travs

maybe 200 in poison charms and the rest in MF charms. I may have swapped out War Travs for Gore Riders when killing him, cannot remember, since it was all in the first few days after patch came out. My point here is that killing the Clone is possible without fully twinked gear


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might be tougher without the whole set tho..the IK gloves gives an important 10% to life and mana leech. and the full set gives good resitances and A/R. Seems hard to make up for that on rings and ammy alone.


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Yep IK set and a merc with a good weapon with aura or spells. max synergy for concentration, 75 resists to all, a decent ammy then just keep plugging away at him.


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I heard he's immune against physical... so am thinking to max berserk instead.

Yes, use berserk, but you don't need to max it. Save the points for something else. My solo barb DC killer has only 1 point in berserk ( + 2 from Mara's + 1 from skills gc + 1 from battle command) = total 5. He kills DC easily (7 times so far), using only a medium damage weapon (Baranar's) with Laying of Hands.
Personally, I don't think IK set is best for this battle.
Merc has reapers toll....reapers toll casts decrepify...decrepify lowers his physical resistance by 50%....thus you can kill him like you do any other monster in the game.

You can either make a normal build and put 1 in zerk and max shout for conc/ww barb and kill him with zerk or just let merc decrepify him and take him down like any other monster....you don't need a special IK barb to take him down..cute and all but unneeded.