Diablo Clone question


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Diablo Clone question

Does anyone know how many Soj's need to be sold to trigger the clone (is it random) as I read in another post someone stating that the Clone walked after 50 were sold. I was in a game last weekend which went:
945 Sold
946 Sold
947 Sold
948 Sold

then absolutely nothing.


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I have seen it be anywhere from 25-100 sojs. I'm beginning to think it may be affected by the number of sellers on a particular server, but that's just from personal experience.


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everyday a new topic about this... :)

every soj is probably 1 % chance to get him
Average selling between 75-125


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i dunno i read an article where they said it was completely random and no soj's need to be sold
nobody really knows...(cept for blizzard)
hmmm that gives me an idea lets just keep asking blizzard until they go insane and tell us :lol:


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sumthin like this happened to me the other day....

the counter went up three times durin a meph run(3294-3297) ...then i stuck around and it was goin up pretty consistently until 3316...then liek 5 mins until the next msg....then nuthing...i idl'ed in the game just in case but when i got back..3 hrs later..no clone, not even another msg after teh last one i got b4 leaving