Diablo Clone difficulty spawning question.


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Diablo Clone difficulty spawning question.

I am currently having a discussion online with a fellow who thinks that Diablo clone can spawn in ANY difficulty, I said that he could only spawn in hell.
He said he had seen him spawn in nightmare, I said i was 100% sure he cant spawn in normal, and 95% sure he cant in nightmare, and obviously he can in hell.

Whose right? :)



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I really shouldn't be answering this question because I only have a sketchy idea of the right answer

I *think* he can spawn in any difficulty, but the chances are extremely extremely low.


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.... I think .... I always been under the impression ....

Well I'm glad we sorted that out ... Anything else we can help you with Matt ? :)

I'd love to give you the correct answer, but I have yet to meet the Diablo Clone.

Regards Syxx


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He can only drop the anni in hell.
He can spawn in NM (never seen it happen, but I'm about 98% sure he can, which trumps your 95% ^^)
I don't *think* he can spawn in normal, although iirc there are stats for him listed for normal on the arreat summit or in the mpqs or something.


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I never met the bastard on the realms, but if he's able to spawn in nm, he's listed as having a 20% chance to drop the annihilus charm in the mpqs.


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He can spawn in NM AND HELL. In hell he has a 100% to drop the anni. In NM its either 20 or 25%. He cannot spawn in normal.

Edit: The % listed after difficulty relates to his chance of dropping a charm not the chance he ll spawn. NM and Hell will both spawn every time assuming the counter hits the appropriate number