Diablo 3: The Fifth Ban Wave and Quin69's thoughts on patch 2.4.1


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With days before patch 2.4.1, on April 13th a day after the 4th banwaves a 5th ban wave hit another followed and reports showed hit some Hardcore characters as well. Posts on reddit and on the diablo forums were a-lit with people losing access and seeing their ranks go up again.

In other diablo news Quin69 posted a video on his thoughts on the ban waves and on the upcoming patch 2.4.1 and the fun that will be Season 6.

With all these ban waves here's to a better cleaner more legit and safe Season 6. For more info on the banwaves check them out here.
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All those legs! How can you not pick them up? And he's clearing faster then me on T2... is it still fun when you play so fast?