Diablo 3 Second Ban Wave


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News on this ban wave came from reddit within in the last 24 hours again that a second banwave has landed.

More bot users have had the hammer landed on them. Looks like RoS-Bot was another bot that got hit. Also news from Diablo 3 in China also about another set of ban waves as well there.

Streamers and youtubers have posted about the ban waves as well as some have tossed videos out about it. Most celebrating and being silly.

Just woke up to the the beautiful news that there was ANOTHER BAN WAVE LOL https://t.co/kTZ5K4T70B pic.twitter.com/K8iYiM6iyX

— Quin69 (@quinrex) April 6, 2016

Guys I got hit by the #D3 bot banwave, photo evidence by @realjarednavilo. #D3RoS WHY BLIZZARD, WHY @Diablo pic.twitter.com/uF7YEOkJvP

— CJ Miozzi (@rhykker) April 5, 2016

Desolacer and Empyriangaming had some advice to those who were hit by the ban wave.

See you at the end of the month for hopefully a cleaner better season 6. RIP to the bots and good riddance.
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But if they banwave every couple of weeks for new bot programs etc , that will help stopping them for good , maybe they will start to get an idea that it's not going to be worth it .


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I didn't expect another so quickly but good on Blizzard for stomping all over these guys.


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A good chunk of the people who even play this game anymore probably are botters. I'd say they're just clearing out what's left of their player base but these guys will run out and buy new accounts. These ban waves are really like expansion pack releases for Blizzard. lol.

Also, why do bans for cheating even come in waves? Does Warden not have the authority to ban accounts? You'd think as soon as Blizzard has evidence to indicate cheating they'd insta ban accounts. It's the only real way to stop botters. If they ban a bot account the instant they detect the bot. I don't think the botters will buy a new account everyday...


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It would be interesting, if the banwaves are connected to the rumor of D3 going the f2p-route ...

By the way: Anyone knows why Flux stopped playing?