Diablo 3 Season 6 Preview




As another Season is about to begin, Blizzard has posted their Diablo 3 Season 6 preview which includes details of changes to Haedrig’s Gift and new and updated Conquests.

Patch 2.4.1 is live on the PTR for testing and headed soon to live realms. For our Seasonal heroes out there, we’ve prepared a two-part guide to Season 6 so you can roll right into a fresh start on day one.

Season 6 will begin with the usual updates to Season Journey objectives, Conquest rotations, and rewards. We’ll tackle rewards later, but in the meantime, here are the challenges you can expect to face in Season 6!

Season Journey Updates

We’re now settling into a format for Seasons that we’ve grown comfortable with as both players and developers. With each Season going forward, objectives will rotate to create a fresh experience.

Similarly, the steps that unlock Haedrig’s Gift, a special bundle of Set items unlocked throughout the Season Journey, will differ slightly with this season. Starting in Chapter 3, three of the objectives in the Season Journey will reward you with one of these bundles, each containing two (or in some cases, three) pieces of one of your class sets.

Here are the objectives that will reward set pieces for Season 6:
  • Chapter III: Reach Level 70
  • Chapter IV: Defeat Izual at level 70 on Torment II or higher
  • Chapter IV: Complete a Greater Rift Level 20 solo.

Note that all players will only earn one full class set per Season, including both Hardcore and Non-Hardcore Seasonal characters, so choose wisely! Here are the sets you can expect to receive early on in your adventures for Season 6:

  • Barbarian: Legacy of Raekor
  • Crusader: Armor of Akkhan
  • Demon Hunter: Embodiment of the Marauder
  • Monk: Inna’s Reach
  • Witch Doctor: Zunimassa’s Haunt
  • Wizard: Delsere’s Magnum Opus

New and Updated Conquests

Conquests continue to be a staple of the Seasonal experience, and we’re bringing back a few Conquests from Season past for Season 6, updated to reflect increases in set and class power over time:

Is the name of your game speed, speed, speed? Then you might want to focus on Conquests like Speed Demon and Boss Mode, which challenge you to complete tasks under strict time limits. Perhaps you’re more of a lone wolf and can’t wait to push past Greater Rift Level 75 with Divinity or Lionhearted? You may be eager to put your nose to the grinder with leveling three Legendary Gems to 65 with On a Good Day. Or maybe it’s the monsters you wish to put through the grinder by massacring 350 of them in a Cursed Chest event with Curses!

There’s plenty to do, and no matter your flavor for firepower, glory awaits.

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Diabloii.Net Member
You have to complete the season journey up to Conqueror. So the 2nd to last tab. The hardest part of finishing that tab is having to complete 2 Conquests.


Definite increase in conquest difficulty this time. No more cheesing your way to 3 conquests via Avarice/Avirita HC/SC!

On the bright side, no Set Dungeon conquests this time...


Diabloii.Net Member
What else is there, in terms of setting goals. The secondary game systems ain't developed enough, to work as a carrot in and off itself, as it was the case in D2.

But these are indeed hard to bring to the necessary degree of complexity in a design, that is founded on weapons (and some affixes on other items) being the only base damage providers around. That just allows for a one-way street, without any crossroads or branching that would make balancing the whole a lot more easier.

If skills just would be treated as a second base damage source besides items, it would already open the game up to differentiate between three types of affixes, making the itemization far more interesting in the process - while creating demand for a less RNG- and more themebased itemdesign, though ... :

1. Weaponoriented
2. Skilloriented
3. Universally oriented

A second change would be, to make skills attribute dependent, too. Meaning that the question, which attribute boosts a certain skill to what degree, would be dependend on a balance of up to three attributes, derived from character selection, skill and runechoice; perhaps furthermore mixed up through skillchanging legendary affixes. (The balance doesn't have to be or, better said, should only rarely be even.) Besides further adding to the demand of less RNG-based itemdesign, these both changes would open up the room for developing an interesting, player driven character development system that is more than "just numbers".

But yeah, Blizzard is quite insistent on knowing best what makes a game fun. And on shortterm fun, I could still agree. But at this point we'll probably never see the game reaching a state, where longterm replayability ain't dependent on constant content supply and balance changes to mix up the meta.


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Dunno what's the cause. If you ain't doing something special :) html-tags or something like that), then it's probably browser :) using Firefox) or Plug-In related :) issues with the sites adblocker detection?).