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[Build] Diablo 3 | PTR 2.4.1 | Monk "Holy Punch" Generator GR70 (Video)

Discussion in 'Monk' started by nanut, Apr 26, 2016.

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    Mar 28, 2016
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    Hi guys, this is my Monk generator build called "Holy Punch". This build based on Monk Classic Genarator build with Inna (6) and Raiment (2).

    In patch 2.4.1,"Mirinae, Teardrop of the Starweaver" legend gem was buffed:

    • Smite damage increased from 2000% to 3000% weapon damage.
    • Additional damage per rank increased from 40% to 60% weapon damage.
    • Duration between bonus Smite casts at rank 25 reduced from 5 to 3 seconds.
    • Smite now also heals you for 3% of your maximum Life each time it hits an enemy.
    With the changes I noticed by "green" and proc of this gem is 15% - a big number. This means you will have 1 more hit on single enemies and a lot of hits on crowds and each hit heal you 3% maximum Life (that's cool). I replace this gem with "Bane of the Trapped" because I think I can gain more regen and more Holy damage on each hit (especially on crowds).

    1. Gear

    - Inna 6 set.

    - Raiment 2 set.

    - I use "Hellfire Amulet" for a bonus Passive and use ring "Focus" - "Restraint". The base build use "Endless Walk" set so you can switch between these 2 sets and the last ring maybe "Unity" or "CoE".

    - "Spirit Guards" bracers is required for survival.

    - And "Shenlong" set, of course, based weapons of this build.

    2. Stats priority

    I just notice some important stats need for this build.

    - Primary stats on all items.

    - You will need "Cooldown Reduction" on Shoulders, Hand or Weapons.

    - If you need more damage, roll "Area Damage" on two Shenlong fists or Gloves or Shoulders. This stat will help you have a good area damage for the last hit of "Fist of Fury".

    - Crit hit chance, Crit hit damage on Rings, Amulet, Gloves, Bracers.

    - % Holy damage on Bracers or Amulet. (max 40%).


    - If you need "Flying Dragon" on Kanai Cube procs easily, just increase your "Attack Speed" by roll on items. I remember Quin69 had a video explain about Attack Speed of Generator build.

    3. Colour Gems

    Because this build need "CDR" and Touchness so I recommend that you should use White gems (Diamond) on all Head, Chest and Pants. If you need more damage (for speed farm) use Green gems (Emeral) on Chest and Pants.

    4. Game play

    - Main active skill is "Way of the Hundred Fists - Fist of Fury". For maximum damage of this skill you should keep your spirit full by using "Breath of Heaven - Infused with Light" - this skill helps you gain 14 additional Spirit from Spirit generating attacks for 5 seconds after cast.

    - Before you hit somebody, choose a good place, cast "Inner Sanctuary - Forbidden Palace" then pull them to you by "Cyclone Strike - Implosion" and hit :D.

    - Use "Epiphany - Desert Shroud" when you tank.

    - Use "Dashing Strike - Radiance" for avoid huge damage or buff your Attack Speed.

    - You can replace "Breath of Heaven - Infused with Light" by "Mystic Ally - any rune" for a good buffs but I think this is not better for hight GR.

    You can see my gameplay on my Video. Thanks for taking a look this build and watching my video.

    See you next time!

    Feel free to comment!

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