Diablo 3 Podcast #205: Ban Waves and D3 Shrinkage



Season Five goes out with surprise ban waves and community joy, Patch 2.4 pros and cons, plus controversy as the Diablo 3 team continues to shrink... Featuring Tyr, N3rdwards, and Flux.


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Diablo 3 Podcast #205: Ban Waves and D3 Shrinkage

  • 2:30 -- End of Season 5 push for the leaderboard... or not. Seasons are too long, too short, or just right, now that it's so easy to get into end game and geared up?
  • 13:00 -- Brainstorming patch concepts to make Flux happy? (Fail.)
  • 15:00 -- Ban waves consume botters. Too little too late, or inspiring? Should it hit earlier in the season? Raises expectations unrealistically? Deterrent factor to pay legit play forward?
  • 34:00 -- Blizzcon 2016 date announced.
  • 35:30 -- Patch 2.4. Lots less new gear than recent patches, but still some impactful play/build changes? Lack of new items is intentional or just lack of devs/ideas?
  • 50:30 -- Cosmetic items in Patch 2.4. Excite?
  • 58:50 -- Diablo 3 team shrinking. John Yang, Don Vu, Leonard Boyarsky and others have left. D3 development finished? D4 art hirings show progress just getting started? #NeverDiablo4 coming soon?

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Diabloii.Net Member
A ray of sunshine! D3 is still fun and well developed. Its something to come back to and appreciate.

Not playing right now, but still enjoy your podcast.


Diabloii.Net Member
Have to agree with Tyr as far as seasonal fun goes. On the whole I feel the accelerated gearing makes seasons feel longer than they are, especially when you are looking at basically nothing but GRs after only a week or two. The very height of what defines high level of GRs makes this feeling even worse. GR 100 baseline next patch with level 100+ gems and Caldesann's despair to boot? No thank you. I miss the days when getting your 3 preferred legendary gems to level 25 gem was actually a benchmark.

I play HC in part because I enjoy the leveling and regearing process. The current game design simply doesn't cater to my preferred play style, even in seasons, which I find makes me a little sad. I also enjoy the competition aspect of leaderboards a bit (achieved top 100 and top 20 HC WD rankings in the past), but that enjoyment is greatly diminished as the GR cap grows ever higher. I still like the game and will still come back for each season, but with each passing season I find it harder and harder to stay committed.

As Try said perhaps this was inevitable, perhaps it's natural. Perhaps I am blaming my waning interest on a GR scapegoat. In the end it doesn't really matter what the cause is...my interest is waning regardless.

Bring on D4!!!!