Diablo 3 Podcast #189: Botting and Blizzcon '15 Dismay



The hiatus has ended and The Diablo Podcast returns with a new show. Conversation about Season 4, Monk superiority, runaway botting, solo play irrelevance, and the D3-disappointment that is Blizzcon 2015. Featuring N3rdwards, Muggs, and Flux.


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Diablo 3 Podcast #189: Botting and Blizzcon '15 Dismay

  • 0:50 -- Recent play stories and Season 4 anecdotes. Nerdwards still Wizarding, Muggs with 4 Monks and pushing P1000.
  • 4:40 -- Class imbalance in S4. Best party = 3 Monks + 1 Barb. No need for class equality?
  • 9:00 -- Party play required for any chance at competitive experience gain. 150 billion in 4p vs. 3 billion solo. Why such a broken system? Paragon system creates an inevitable EXP focus?
  • 20:00 -- Massive lag bugs this season. Game-breaking for Hardcore?
  • 24:00 -- Flux explains his hiatus (real life massive work) and reflects how every bug and issue from PTR 2 months ago is now dominating the Season.
  • 27:00 -- Class variety in S4. Where are the Crusaders, Wizards, and Demon Hunters?
  • 40:00 -- Party co-op pushing players into pre-set roles. More fun for MP or limiting in roles?
  • 45:00 -- Botting ruining D3. The fansite open letter to Blizzard will earn a response? Why does Blizzard host admitted botters on "Play Your Way" and promote botting streamers?
  • 57:10 -- Blizzcon 2015 and Diablo 3's phone booth display + 1 panel. Slaughtered Hopes Inn?
  • 1:03:00 -- Strategy simplified by watching streamers do OP things. Cookie Cutterism rules.
  • 1:13:00 -- Plans for the rest of the season. N3rdwards joining the Monk bandwagon? Flux sees no reason to try and jump back in now.

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That might have been my fault. I got a brand new headset right before the podcast and did not have time to test is thoroughly before the podcast. I apologize and it should be cleared up for the next one.


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It was fun to listen again, I didn't did that for quite few months.

Best solution for lag is solo play and ESC button. When you're playing solo, you can pause the game and, well, game pauses so nothing can happen. As long as the lag is happening, you see that objects are moving, are animated, when lag ends, everything stops and then you know that you can unpause freely. I'm playing HC and I never died using this technique (you can see that your life is dropping when you've paused during lag, but after lag is over it returns to previous value, real for the moment when you've paused). But it's solo exclusive feature. At least can make your life less bitter.

I didn't played Crusader since 1st half of 2014, I stopped around level 32 because it was so boring that I couldn't take it. This season I gave Crus another chance and so far it's really fun (~22h). But then I don't know what changed in the meantime. I know, though, that last season I barely reached 70 with my Monk, cause that was a bore. It looks like I went wrong direction, as that healer sounds cool.


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Nice listening but you guys seem really disappointed, almost desperate... I you combine this with the previous post on the friend of a friend of a buys working at Blizzard, I see only one possible solution: escape to WoW.

Has someone done it? I do not know about Wow play style at all but I read the lore and it is an impressively long story. Some of peoples here are talking about D4=MMORPG. Do they want a transposition of Diablo class in Wow (or world of diablo)?

To my mind, the casual diablo 3 play style is something I like a lot. It is also fun to have to ability to adjust the difficulty so that one can play in casual mode (doing something else at the same time for instance) one GR lesser if they want.

Are Wow controls really different? I read some thread stating Wow and Diablo are night and day but could you twist your Wow experience to make it feel like Diablo?


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Welcome back Flux! We missed you.

=> Please allow me to make a polite comment out of caring:

~~Being a very negative person, many bad things rushed to my mind due to your absence. I thought maybe the site was sold and they sacked you, you had an argument and left, and -the worst probability (God forbid)- something awful happened to you or you experienced a personal tragedy.

~~I kicked myself for not getting your email address or any kind of other methods of communication. I looked deeply into your personal blog/website, still could not find any info for communication. Not that any of that would have helped in this situation.

~~I begged for an explanation or announcement here, but my posts were deleted. I don't know others, but I was totally in the dark.

~~Anyway, what I am trying to say is that there is no shame in being a hardworking person or a working man/woman.

~~Elly or the site admins, or any of your knowledgeable friends could have shared a bit of information saying "he is dealing with longer hours at work due to seasonal shifts/needs" and let us know. On their part, this is a very poor information management.

~~I am greatly happy that you are fine and you are back. Thanks for growing into occupying a big part of my gaming life and a special place in my heart (especially with those awfully charming sarcastic jokes) in the past years.


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WoW is a completely different game. While the story and world is interesting, the gameplay does almost nothing to appeal to me.

The most polarizing difference is the feel of power your character has. This is something Diablo has always nailed perfectly and the main reason I come back to Diablo over any other arpg/rpg/mmo. Other games just don't seem to react as much when you get that item upgrade. In Diablo you actually feel the impact of item progression and that feeling is at the core why the game is enjoyable.

WoW on the other hand doesn't give me a sense of progression as it's not really designed with soloplay in mind. I might get a bunch of upgrades, but some 2 expansions old much lower level raid will still destroy me if I attempt to solo it. Quite hard to get started in an environment where everybody has been playing for up to 10+ years.

On a positive note about Blizz: Can't wait for Overwatch. Too bad I'm left hanging for now as I live in EU.


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~~I begged for an explanation or announcement here, but my posts were deleted. I don't know others, but I was totally in the dark.

~~Elly or the site admins, or any of your knowledgeable friends could have shared a bit of information saying "he is dealing with longer hours at work due to seasonal shifts/needs" and let us know. On their part, this is a very poor information management.
Pretty sure no posts were deleted. There was a thread about Flux missing and an explanation was given there.


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I'm trying PoE. Looks like ass, but interesting system. Not sure I'll stick to it. It is definitely not a casual game. By that I mean that D3 can be enjoyed even if you're not doing spreadsheets, that doesn't seem possible with PoE.


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This is the problem a lot of people run into with PoE. You really have to be dedicated, and play very efficiently to get anywhere. I haven't played in a while, but it was also near impossible to self sustain on gear.

D3 is much more casual.


Yeah, I should have posted a note at some point, but we try not to run the site as "Flux's d3 blog" so it's not about the author(s) personal lives.

I did tell all the regular podcast guests, and it wasn't a secret, so I sort of hoped that word would spread.


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Ok. I wanted the give a try to this new PvP system in legion but it is PlayerS vs PlayerS and not Player vs Player right?