Diablo 3 Podcast #186: Cross-Game Promos and S4 Plans



Season 4 approaches and fans plan for the event. Plus debate over D3's out-dated graphics, the "unannounced Diablo project" art director, Blizzcon D3X2 hints, how D4 @ Blizzcon could be a nightmare, and Patch 2.3 rants. Featuring Tyr, Katniss, N3rdwards, and Flux.


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Diablo 3 Podcast #186: Cross-Game Promos and S4 Plans

Apologies to the guests and listeners for the delay in posting this one, which we recorded last weekend. I moved and started a new job, so computer time was limited. Fortunately, (in a way) there was zero news to obsolete any of the content in this show.

  • 0:30 -- Intro and katniss makes his trimphant diablo community return.
  • 4:00 -- Gamescom 2015 had no Diablo 3, Blizzcon 2015 hopes swelling?
  • 14:00 -- Blizzard cross-game promotions. Have to play other Blizzard games to get Diablo 3 things? Even if it's just visual flair or bonus features.
  • 18:30 -- How Diablo 4 announcement at Blizzcon could be a nightmare.
  • 22:00 -- HotS has much better graphics than Diablo 3 and its outdated engine?
  • 32:00 -- Blizzard seeking an Art Director for an unannounced project in the Diablo universe.
  • 42:00 -- Futuristic robot looking versions of Diablo characters and monsters. Why not a wild change for Diablo 4's visuals?
  • 45:00 -- Diablo 3 has sold 30,000,000+ copies. Top 10 biggest selling video game ever!
  • 54:00 -- Most popular builds in D3 are all fast movement with massive AoE. Can all classes ever get equivalent powers? WDs and Crusaders have a sad.
  • 1:04:00 -- Is there really that big a gap between classes and season vs. ladder? Or just perception driven by the few highest level players in the top 10 Grift slots?
  • 1:13:00 -- Season Four plans. New classes/builds this time around? Kanai's Cube means that speed farming has never been more important.
  • 1:24:00 -- Bonus content! N3rdwards hops on for a short rant about issues with the Wizard's Vyr's set in Patch 2.3. Too many required items and a wonky play style? Plus his season 4 plans.

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actually heroes of the storm does run on (modified) SC2 engine which is notorious for running like a$$. using it for a game like Diablo would be a horrible, horrible idea.

can't say I agree about D3 graphics either, the painting art style they went for it ages very well. and remember that HotS models are all fresh and new while all graphics in D3 is like 2+ years old at this point.


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Yes! A perfectly timed podcast to listen to whilst waiting for 2.3 to launch & doing the long slog of merging my seasonal stash into non-seasonal. :)


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What am I supposed to sign into to listen/view. I've never had this problem with prior podcasts, but today all I can get is "please sign in to view this video".


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D3 graphics aren't the best technically, but style and art direction is still top notch compared to other ARPGs in my opinion. I personally think this is more important than any fancy rendering features. And to be fair at the camera distance of D3 you don't really notice the "lack of detail".

Like you said Blizzard has always been all about supporting a wide range of specs and has never been a company that pushes for the latest rendering tech.