Diablo 3 Patch 2.4 Known Issues



Good things always come with non-silver linings, so of course the newest Diablo 3 Patch has some problems. Diablo 3 Patch 2.4 Known Issues:


  • Enemies affected by Black Hole with the Event Horizon rune while the wizard has the Boyarsky’s Chip gem equipped may become stuck at 1hp and become unable to be killed
  • The Lianna’s Wings item model is incorrectly clipping into the player model while sheathed on the player’s back

Set Dungeons

  • Set Dungeon failed messages will spam players continually after failing the “Maintain Sweeping Wind” objective in the Dungeon of the Monkey King’s Garb

Game Client

Note: We currently have fixes in place internally for both of the issues listed below and we are hoping to get these fixes deployed to live servers very soon.

  • Players running Diablo III on a 32-bit operating system may experience periodic client hard locks
  • Some players may experience a client crash after extremely long game sessions (5+ hours)

Workaround for Black Screen in Desolate Sands/Act II

  • Some players using AMD Radeon video cards may experience a black screen when entering the Desolate Sands zone in Act II

WORKAROUND: AMD has released a new 15.9 driver that is confirmed to resolve this issue. However, this driver is still a BETA driver and may have stability issues or other bugs. Please see our post here for more information.[source]http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/11883998315[/source]

There's something odd with the post on Battle.net, showing the time stamp as back in 2014. Who knew Set Dungeons were such an old feature? I guess we just never noticed them before.
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Diabloii.Net Site Pal
I am getting the "1hp" Wiz bug with just Black Hole. Using "fire" rune and don't own a Boyarsky's.


Diabloii.Net Member
I'm getting the random crashes again with my R9. I'll try the troubleshooting you suggested. Thanks just in case!