Diablo 3 Patch 2.03.0B now on live client



Nothing major here, just some preparation work for the final 2.4 release on live but worth noting if you were thinking something major was about to happen on the live.

If you have participated in our most recent PTR phase, you may remember that before patch 2.4.0 was available for testing, there was a small technical patch called 2.3.0b. Well, the time has come to launch this smaller patch on the live client.

On Tuesday, December 8, we'll be pushing out 2.3.0b to the live client. This patch has absolutely no gameplay, balancing, or content impact. Your in-game experience before and after this patch will be identical.

So what does 2.3.0b do? It prepares us to launch Patch 2.4.0! We don't have a more specific date to share yet for the launch of 2.4.0, but if you haven't been participating in the PTR, you can test out all the new content and changes right now.

Long story short, if you see your client update on Tuesday, keep calm and continue Rifting! It's not time for 2.4.0 just yet.[source]http://www.diabloii.net/blizzard-tracker/devthread/eu/16946425403[/source]

And then this...

However, it was recently discovered that a bug that previously existed where Adria could become unable to be targeted or killed has resurfaced in this minor patch. We're actively working on a hotfix to address this issue, but we want players to be aware and we recommend avoiding Adria at this time (particularly with Hardcore characters).[source]http://www.diabloii.net/blizzard-tracker/devthread/us/20042885328[/source]

The Adria bug has been fixed although some players are still reporting it as a problem.

Update: The Adria bug is now resolved. Those currently in game on the Live servers will see a countdown message, and any players joining a new game can slay Adria to their heart's content.

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I dunno about patch 2.4. Wyatt's trying to defend a lot of the new +100% skill damage affixes they added to a lot of stuff, saying "it takes away the illusion of choice, and gives you real choice." Only it does the opposite. In the last patch, you'd pick one of two weapons and cube the other one, now you have one choice, b/c the +skill damage is really high. And now those +15% skill modifiers are utter garbage if you're using the "right" weapon or gear.

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I think it's better to use an item that you have to equip than never want to use it at all. The simple fact is when it comes to these "interesting", "game changing" legendary affixes some are going to be stronger than others. Without a damage boost weaker or utility affixes won't get used.

The obvious solution is to incorporate the +skill damage as part of the orange affix (thus retaining the ability to wear or cube) and to make it multiplicative with standard skill affixes (thus retaining the importance of those affixes).