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Diablo 3 Leaderboards: Hardcore Breaks GR100

Discussion in 'Diablo 3 General Discussion' started by Flux, Feb 23, 2016.

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    [caption id="attachment_387053" align="alignright" width="251"][​IMG] Hardcore GR100 Busters.[/caption]We've been checking in on the Diablo 3 Leaderboards regularly this season, and this week brings another milestone. First we saw softcore 4P teams beat GR100, then softcore three-player teams over GR100, and now we've got some Hardcore four-player parties over GR100 as well, though only on one realm so far.

    As in the past ladder watch posts, the Seasonal HC is *much* higher on all realms than the Non-Seasonal, since everyone in HC enjoys the fresh start.

    Two Player Parties

    No one has beaten GR100 yet in a two-player, but it will happen any minute now and there are lots of parties over GR95. If you're wondering, all the top contenders are Wizard/Barb, though a few Wizard/Monk pairs are not too far behind. The closest to the milestone is very close:

    Solo Leaderboard GR100?

    Is GR100+ possible playing solo, in Patch 2.4? It might be. No one is all that close yet, but many dozens of characters are over GR90, so time will tell. The highest by realm are a GR93 Crusader on Korea, a GR92 Wizard on Europe, and a GR90 Crusader on Americas.

    Click through for the updated rankings of Softcore four-player and three-player parties. Props to the Korean realm, where the ENTIRE TOP 1000 on 4P non-seasonal are GR100+. Srsly... you need to clear GR100 in 14m to even break into the top 1000 rankings in Korea. Try a Zerg rush?

    Four Player Softcore

    The four-player parties continue to advance, and while no one is that far over GR100, lots more players are joining the triple digit club. Including all the players in Korea.

    • Americas 4P seasonal: GR107 in 13:35, with 339 characters over GR100. (Way more characters over GR100 than in non-seasonal, despite the paragon deficit.)

    Three Player Softcore

    The first three-player parties pushed past GR100 last week, and lots more have joined the push. Obviously most of these characters have done GR100 in 4P games as well, and the strategy isn't that different in 3P, with the DPS Wizard supported by the cc/healing/lockdown from a Barb and Monk (the WD is the expendable class, vanishing from the 4P GR100 groups.)

    Are any of you guys pushing this high? Everyone I know seems more interested in playing solo, or partying with other DPS characters, and thus no one is anywhere near the to GR clears. The party-teamwork style doesn't really appeal to me either, so I can't blame them, plus my class of choice (DH) has no CC build and doesn't deal enough DPS to compare with the Wizards this season.
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    I've started dabbling with a twister build to start pushing higher in groups. The XP from grs above 70 is immense (as is obvious with the crazy high paragons). I haven't gone above 70 in a group, but damn do I want to.

    Hardcore, obviously

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