Diablo 3 Forum Introductions Thread & Rules (Introduce yourself!)


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Hello, all!

My first experience with the Diablo franchise was as a child, watching my stepdad play Diablo 1 on our old PC. As soon as I saw The Butcher and heard his famous "Mmmm, Fresh Meat!", I've been hooked.

I've played all the games to date, and read all of the related books.

Diablo 2 was the game I played all throughout my childhood from preteen to late teens, for months at a time. Nowadays I've had my fill of Battle.net and prefer to stick it to the Burning Hells solo.

A special thanks to whoever wrote the trivia bots for chat back in the day; that's how I learned to type.

I do not MP/Trade.

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Don't even have D3 (yet), but loved the dark and scary Diablo, and then moved on to Diablo II, and played that for some time after the LoD expansion came out before upgrading to that, been hooked ever since! Thinking about doing a blog/youtube channel, with a few ideas for things I would like to see changed/added.


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Welcome to the forums! D3 is not for everyone. Some like it and some don't. Whatever you do, only play through the story once. Adventure mode is where it's at after that.