Diablo 3 Forum Introductions Thread & Rules (Introduce yourself!)


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Hi, my name is Greg and I have been playing Diablo since the very beginning. I rather like to get into trading/technical aspects of the game, hence I am an author of several guides and articles about Diablo (builds, tips & tricks, general info stuff) and would love to share it over time with your community ;)


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Hi, I started playing Diablo 2 a long time ago with my older brother.
I am currently playing Diablo 3, writing guides, reviews, and bets. Sometimes I sell power leveling and legendary items via Odealo: https://www.odealo.com - looks trusted. Now I play alone, without older brother (Daniel) and D3 don't give me a lot if fun.
I love to found Diablo 3 Legendaries and Diablo 3 power leveling, I need boost my Diablo character everyday
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Karen Keele

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Been playing Diablo for more years then I care to mention. Played D to 3.
Took a couple of years away and now I'm back and luckily I started back about a month before necro was reintroduced to the diablo scene! Lost my acct and friends. Divorce will do that when you share an acct and you just say screw it, making everything over again is part of the fun. I'm on Xbox one and I go by GasolineGal if anyone is interested in bashing some uglies into pure blood stains.


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I used to play D2 about 9 years ago, and now I think I'll get back to the game, THE GAME, always loved to play as Necromancer, my fav char.
I remember my mom saying to me: (screaming) STOP PLAYING THAT GAME, THATS A SATAN'S GAME, STOOOOOOOOP
And i continued to play...(but without she knowing)
Internet connection here in brazil is the past, was very slow, so I just played offline single player, but man, I feel myself very happy and gratifying of knowing this game.
Like a big brain of our century (????????????) Justin Bieber once said: "Never say never", and dont say never to Diablo, surelly you'll play it again...


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i am a diablo 3 witch doctor main
i have a season witch doctor who runs torment 7 easy
i got a non seasonal witch doctor who can run torment 8-10ish
i got a barbarian who can run torment 1-4
i got a wizzard who is level 70, but cant do *bleep*

i am a diablo 2 singer barb main
i got a hammerdin level 70something
i got a singer barb level 76
ya...i play a lot less, and im newer

edit below

to introduce myself. i have been playing since this summer (d2)...with d3, i have been playing for a year or two. i have always loved the thrill of murdering demons, undead and the innocent. opps. forget about the last part. ( : I come from a land of text called northern crossroads. a text based mud......go to ncmud.net to find more. so ya. my life is northern crossroads, diablo and overwatch.....the rest is wasted at school and youtube.


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I've already introduced myself in the SPF, because I mostly play D2LoD solo. But, as I do so almost exclusively on East HCNL, it makes sense to do so here also.

Back in the days of Scorch and Flux, around 2003, I acquired Diablo II and its expansion, Lord of Destruction. As I tried to learn how to play this fascinating but bewildering game, I came across diabloii.net, and read many, many build guides. They were all shopping lists for cookie cutter builds. The more I read, the more frustrated I became: It seemed from what I read that I would have to have have a character playing in Hell in order to acquire the items required to play in Hell. It seemed an insoluble dilemma.

In my frustration, I looked elsewhere, first to the Lurker Lounge (host of Jarulf's Guide, which had been a great help to me as I played the original Diablo) and, when the Lounge was down, to the Amazon Basin. There, I slowly (I do everything slowly) discovered that there were players who were not dependent upon godly items to succeed in the game, and after a while I joined some of them in regular group games on battle.net. Over the course of a couple of years, mixing MP and solo play on line, in both SC and HC, I slowly came to realize that I had no interest at all in trading, that I strongly preferred finding my own gear, that I preferred HC, and that everyone else I encountered wanted to play faster than I did.

I had completely given up playing with other players in 2006 when a player whose AB posts I had admired lured me into a game. We cooperated so effectively in D2LoD that we started wondering whether we could cooperate as effectively in Real Life. We were ~1500 mi / ~2500 km apart at the time. Within six months, we were cooperating under one roof, and nearly a dozen years later we're still doing so.

Despite my preference for HC, I was playing SC at the time, to develop a better understanding of the game without the high costs of HC mistakes. We played, individually and together, on US West SCL during 1.10 Ladder Season 3, and mostly on West SCNL through Season 4. At the beginning of Season 5, we switched to East HCL, and commenced numerous projects. At the end of Season 6 (the first six-month season), we found ourselves heavily invested in off-ladder projects we weren't willing to abandon. We've concentrated on East HCNL ever since, though we perpetrated Ladder Strike Forces in Seasons 10 and 15. My partner has in the meantime been driven away from D2LoD (by patch 1.14 breaking the game on her Mac) to OVG, though we still play together occasionally. But I'm deeply rooted in East HCNL, and don't foresee moving to SP until Blizzard or other factors force me to do so.

So, "Why are you here?"

First, I've been lurking a lot in recent years, and I've learned a lot, from hundreds (if not thousands) of players/posters. My enjoyment of the game has been deeply enhanced, and I'm deeply indebted. I can and do and shall make frequent and shameless use of the Like button, and may from time to time to express my appreciation in words.

Second, several SPF members have posted deeply personal information about their lives outside D2 which would certainly have triggered hateful responses elsewhere. The responses I've seen here have been consistently understanding and supportive, and I've seen no negative responses, due to self-censorship, to effective moderation, or both. I appreciate that very much.


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I'm glad you posted here. Thanks and welcome to the D3/D2 community. If you were here back in 2003 you'll know that this forum has a lot of history and a lot of knowledgeable people. Hope you stick around and have fun.


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Names david, been off and on, but back on since new pc is coming in the mail todday. ive been a fan since diablo 1 days.


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Hello Diablo fans. I have been playing Diablo since 2002? Difficult to remember the exact date. I had a break in between LoD and D3 for ~ 5 years. D2 is my favorite game ever made. I enjoyed the rich economy, kinship among friends, and incredible build diversity. There was also this extremely hardcore element and I became a huge player in the SC barbarian PVP scene. What is super crazy is I just recognized an alias in my D3 clan that I PVP'd with in D2 15 years ago! Completely mind blowing and we both connected immediately, reminiscing about the old days. I love the podcast that Flux and team run, and I hope that Blizzard can grab the attention of some of the older fans of the franchise again. Like many I'm not content with how D3 materialized. That being said so many folks who built it have ended their tenures at Blizzard, fresh faces may preserve the integrity that is the Diablo franchise moving forward. Anyway great to meet you all!


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Hello, I'm Kasceis. I started playing Diablo in 1996 and have been hooked ever since. My favorite in the series is Diablo 2 and I look foward to what is to come at Blizzcon 2018!


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Welcome to all! Hope you enjoy your time here and find the community useful.


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I have been using the D2 SPF forum for quite some time now, but I suppose it is time for a proper introduction in this thread.

I have been playing Diablo since the very beginning. When I started D1, I didn't have the internet. I always played the game single player. I never got to experience this game online, since the online community was basically dead before I came back to the game and tried MP.

In 2001, I started playing D2 and the expansion. I loved the game right away. As soon as I went to college and had a reliable internet connection, I started playing online a lot. The problem with playing online is that I always seemed to accumulate wealth too quickly for my own good. Trading and other online features made it easy to gain power quickly. I tended to get bored once I had a lot of stuff, and would drift away from the game for 6-18 months.

I was excited when D3 came out, but it never recreated the D2 magic for me. I did not like the loot system or skill progression as well, so I never got into the game very heavily.

Between 1 and 1.5 years ago, I found some D2 programs that made single player much more enjoyable (RWM and GoMule). Ever since, I have been playing SP and really loving it. I was also lucky enough to find this awesome online community, which is one of the most civil and helpful that I have ever found. I may try to get into D3 again someday, but for now I am having plenty of fun with D2.


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Hello and thanks for posting here. D3 never captured the imagination of many people. That's probably why so many still play D2. But we are here if you decide to play it again. I dabble in both games now and then myself. Welcome and glad you're here!


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Hey hi !

D2X Paladin player, made few seasons when i was young, it was fun discovering uber tristram, and how stupid can be the anni hunt :D

Stopped D2 at some point, waited for D3, and... became a dedicated monk, playing other classes here or there, but still my fav had no hair ;) Quickly, D3 became more boring than really entertaining, grinding hours to up ancients makes it a waste feeling, therefore playing it as it has been designed for, casual fun.

Back to D2 by the end of last year, join this community for D2 SP content and activity.

Now i'm one little part of that historical forum, and i want here to thanks the moderators and players amongst the ages which lead this to what it is, and that's one word : great !

Btw : i do have phone. But hell no !