Diablo 3 Forum Introductions Thread & Rules (Introduce yourself!)


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Hi and welcome back! what do you think of D3?
I really like it. I liked it from the start, to be honest. I understand the criticisms but they didn't bother me all that much. I suppose what it comes down to is that I've played Path of Exile, I've played Titan Quest, I've played Grim Dawn, I've played BG Dark Alliance 1 and 2, I've played Torchlight 1 and 2, I've played Divine Divinity, I even played Record of Lodoss War on Dreamcast (there's an obscure one) and some others that escape me at the moment... They all have their merits but the core gameplay was always pretty bland. It's one thing to make a finely tuned build but it gets old pretty fast if actually playing with it isn't very fun. Some of those games really focus too much on what's going on under the hood and not enough on the joy of driving itself, so to speak.

So yeah, I think Diablo 3 was (and is) quite the breath of fresh air compared to many of its peers. That said, it certainly had problems of its own and it's really nice to see them getting ironed out. This season (my first) has been very addictive so far. First time I've ever got a character so powerful in D3.


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I've been around here a while. I'm NorthDakota. I played D1 when I was introduced to it as a small child, I heavily anticipated D2 and D2:LOD and like many others here played it more than any other game ever. I play Diablo 3 just so I can be better than my roommate on the ladder and I enjoy that quite a bit. Doesn't quite capture the magic of D2 for me, but it's a good game imo. Been playing Overwatch some.

I mostly post in the Single Player Forums, one of the most amazing places on the internet if you ask me. They've captured the magic of diablo 2 in a way that no other community has for me.


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Welcome back ND. Glad to have another old time gamer here. Us old guys need to stick together.


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Hi ! :) Haven't presented myself here but I am known to Single Player Forum in D2 part. :) My real life name is Patryk and I'm from Poland. I'm 25 and unfortunately) single. Just finished D2 on Hell. My first time. Lost my virginity with Hell Baal. Tried 2 times and third time got me a patriarch. I used to play other games, most notably some Dooms (finished all the series except third part), Warcrafts (everything up to WoW - I am too poor for WoW and private servers are even poorer ;) ) and now Diablo. I play mostly to kill a lot of time. Should use that time and finally start doing something with my PhD thesis. Or my grandchildren would start it :p But hey, I have to start D3 !!! Never played even the Starter and I have bought it some time ago (cool boxes!). My first bought game since I dropped games for music.


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Was on here years ago following the info/release of vanilla d3, took a break, life has had its up and downs, im back though, used to be grdg!


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Hi my name is SKULL I'm 20 and I'm a necromancer in real life, of course not so much like in the game lol but they do share the same disposition that I have if u read the books. I'm actually the leader or "SKULL QAQ SKULL" (pronounced simply "SKULL or THE SKULL")of scientific necromancy and am writing a book every so often if I feel like it lol I'm not very good at committing myself to it XD.

I'm also a youtuber I've posted a few skyrim videos but my computer isn't good enough for it lol but it is very good for diablo 2 which I've moved to. It's my favorite game of all time and I always come back to it, I even have a signed diablo archive book not to me but I did buy it bc I love diablo so much, Richard the author really got the true necromancer pretty close lol.

Currently I have 24 seasons of diablo 2 LOD planned out I'm currently on the first one and almost have it done u can check out my class in the community forums. I'm also planning on doing multiplayer for us east so if u want a part in that let me know and I can try to get u in that.

My experience with the game is kind of iffy bc I've only ever beaten normal but as I get older I get more and more dedicated so im sure I'll be able to complete what I have planned.

The original game is as old as I am and I've only played some of it as a kid and I've played the second one more since about the same time, the game is partly why I became a necromancer in the first play ironically.

Well I hope to see some of you in game so keep at it everyone :)


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Hello! my name is Raad and I initially got into D2 around the early 2010s, cant remember when, although I did play it when I was young (sometime 2001/02) and didnt really get into it, I generally post mostly around the singleplayer forums which is one of the key reasons I still play D2.

I have not and will likely not play D3 because of a whole host of reasons (I am sure it is a good game though!), and am generally quite start and stop with my D2 and dii.net forum activity.


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Hey everybody! I am usually on the D2 Single Player Forum, but I decided to reinstall D3 and play again. Went through the D1 remake last night and while I wasn't really impressed with the difficulty (it was pretty easy) I was happy to find those old Items I loved so much. Archangel's Staff of the Apocalypse, Godly Plate of the Whale, Kings Sword of Haste... Oh the memories.

I will probably be playing Season 9 no idea what though. I will pop in from time to time even though the D3 boards aren't super active.