Diablo 2 plot hole! Pls help!


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So reacently i've been playing a lot of D2 and i noticed a plot hole in Act 2! So here it is. How the **** did Diablo/the dark wanderer get into Tal'Rash's chamber, to free Baal, without a Horadric Staff? I know that maybe he found another one, but it's said that the parts would only show up to certian noble people! And even if he somehow got them how did he marge them without the Horadric Cube? Cain says it clearly, that that's the only way to create a Horadric Staff. Am i missing anything here?! Please help me solve this!


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I took this as these items are the only known/intended way to open the tomb by the secret society for us. The dark wanderer could be privy to other knowledge or skills


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I know it was sealed off from the "mortal realm" without the Horadric Staff. Diablo is not a mortal... Maybe that is the answer?