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Hello guys, my name is Nabil Ali, I have never played any online game besides Path of Exile, I main console but the ARPG genre has really been getting into my veins.

Anyway, as I said I play POE but I need to know what the fuzz is about with D2, thats why im almost about to buy it, just need to ask some stupid questions before.

The reason why I might like D2 it's because I could play it solo dolo, right? and since my work keeps me moving from county I was wondering, how does the battle net installation and so on works?

Like, i have no expertise or experience I want to spend the 20$ for Diablo 2 with the LoD expansion. Can I play it when i move out of my country once again in 2 months? or will I have to re-pay.

I know, i know, its idiotic, but meh its the internet. love ya'll for the arpg hopefully ill get a quick answer so i can download this sucker.

Also, I can play it online like poe style? just incase you might want to change it up.

Which are the official forums, im sorry to ask stupid questions but trust me these answers aren't around, mainly cuz i think its either obvious to ppl (not myself) or the long road D2 has had has made people aware on how the fk it works!

Sorry for the swear.


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I really can't understand most of what you're asking, but once you buy Diablo II, you have it. You can play it online or offline (there are a couple of options in both cases, which you might want to look into). You don't have to "re-pay" for some reason, whatever that might be.

Be aware that it's a pretty old game. I think it's a great game, but it can take some getting used to and if you're used to newer games, there are going to be some issues that might be frustrating. Hope that helps.

Nabil ali

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okay, so whats can i expect enough content with diablo 2, at least 50 hours +?

havent been able to play the game, to busy with work.


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I couldn't possibly answer whether you'd get 50 hours out of the game because I don't know you. Some people have gotten thousands of hours out of the game, others have quit in frustration after only a few. It totally depends on the person.


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Hello there.
You can play offline without needed internet connection.
You can play online with up to 7 other players.
You cannot play online with your offline characters or the other way around.
If you get into it you can except several YEARS of fun gaming (in my case almost 15, it never gets old)
If you don't fall in love with it, and just tryout some or all clases, beat all three difficaulties the 50h mark is passed easily.
If you just wanna know the story and play it once through, I dunno, for a beginner it might be around 3-7 days playing, depending on your experience with Hack n slay games.

If you get started, be sure to ask the community about hotkeys, you will need them! (For example you can hotkey your skills on the F-keys which I'd say is absolutely mandatory, no NPC will tell you any of that)

Hope I could help, greetings


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I have put more time in this game than any other 2 put together, and that includes MMOS where I've leveled every class to max. Generally I now only play every second ladder season. I should note, you don't have to use the Fkeys, you can use up to 12 keys, generally I use the qwer and asdf keys for super quick switching, if you need more, think of the other keys.