Diablo 2 lore


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I've been reading D1 manual for a couple of hours today as I wanted to give warrior a try, Never beaten the game with a warrior. I have noticed that basically all the lore from the manual was carried to D2 ! Everything is there - Horazon (the boss of Arcane Sanctuary), Tal Rasha's Baal imprisonement and so on. And some more or less flavour lore related to the characters. It's greatly different with Warcraft lore where there was a great deal of changes and later corrections. Might give a spin to Diablo books too. :)

Don't be angry for posting it at D2 forum, not D1 (which is basically dead - even as a MP game). ;)


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One of my co-workers knows a whole lot more about Diablo lore than I do. He could drone on for hours about it. Interesting world though, so I don't mind it.


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The fact that Diablo 1 characters are somewhat relevant for the sequels is one of those things that made me like Diablo as a whole.

Adria appeared in Diablo 1 for the first time and look how relevant she was for Diablo 3's Plot.
Griswold appeared in Diablo 1 for the first time and he was a MiniBoss in Diablo 2.
Aidan is the Warrior Class in Diablo 1 and he's Diablo himself in Diablo 2.
Moreina (Aka Blood Raven) is the Rogue Class in Diablo 1 and she's a MiniBoss in Diablo 2.
Jazreth (Aka The Summoner) was the Sorcerer Class in Diablo 1 and she's a MiniBoss in Diablo 2.
Even Wirt who also appeared in Diablo 1 got a kinda relevant position in Diablo 2, not plot related at all tho.
I don't think I need to mention Cain either.

That's the kind of think that I like, seeing a character and its progression through the years, that's cool imho.


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I really want to read the Diablo books, but the Sin Wars trilogy are £52 each on Amazon. I thought that it was an error!


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Before I had kids, every summer holiday with my gf I bought a series of books (most often fantasy genre) to read.
I reckon 5 years agon I bought the sinwars triology and Diablo archive (short stories). I read them all in 3 days and I recommend them to everybody interested in D2 lore.

As matter of fact I was thinking a while ago to reread the sin wars triology...