Diablo 2 LOD Pentagram remover mod

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This package replaces all of the pentagrams in the Diablo 2 user interface with neutral graphics. There are still some pentagrams on map tiles, but if you're sensitive to them you can lure enemies away from them and fight them there. This reduces the exposure to pentagrams in the game by at least 99%.

Sprites that were replaced are the spinning pentagrams on the escape menu, the small pentagram you click to access the menu, and the pentagram-shaped amulet.

Version info

The included patch_d2.mpq is for Diablo 2 LOD v1.14d, but there are included directions on safely modifying future updates or Diablo 2 mods with the pentagram removal mod. It has been tested online for a half-hour, but YMMV, I can't be held responsible for a ban.


Move your installation folder's patch_d2.mpq file somewhere safe, like to the desktop, and copy this package's patch_d2.mpq file in the installation folder.

Updating future patches / game mods

You will need WinMPQ to add files to an .mpq file. Open WinMPQ, click Add List File, click on mpql.txt from this package, then click OK.

Now, click on File, Open, click on the Diablo 2 installation's patch_d2.mpq file, and then once it's open, click-drag the /root/ folder from this package onto the window. Voila, you're done.

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