Diablo 2 and addiction


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I played D2 a whole lot about 7 years ago, way too much I think, so I decided to delete all my chars and stashes, cold turkey. I could not control my addiction to this game, It was all I thought about, and all my spare time wen't to gaming. I was pretty close to finishing the self found grail. If I remember correctly, I only needed Deaths Fathom and Web, and of course Tyrael's. The other stuff, I had plenty of.

And now, almost two months ago, I rebooted again. And the addiction is starting to creep up. Only this time, I have a family to attain, which I also would love to spend time with. But I am already noticing old patterns, falling into bad habits.

With the game being infinite in It's possibilities, it is hard not to set crazy goals, and trying to achieve them. And these goals take endless hours to attain.

How do you guys manage all this, while not going insane? Do you set a time cap on the play time? I feel If I don't restrict my self, I go full frontal retard again.


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Having nice variety of stuff to do during spare time keeps me away from playing too much. Nowadays when I play D2, it feels almost always just relaxing, not unhealthy behavior or something.

Family is big thing naturally, or friends. If you have some hobbies, try to get more involved with those. Set some goals for development with them or with your life in general. Try new hobbies etc.

Looking back, I've played hell a lot, but most of the time it has been well in control. Maybe I have just played enough D2 for one lifetime addiction, that I don't even feel big urges anymore if I have to be without it during busier phases of life :p

Setting strict play times could work, if you find yourself again and again feeling bad about playing too much. Don't know could I enjoy playing if I felt it's bad for me in general. Finding healthy and enjoyable mindset about the whole thing could be the best alternative, somewhat restricting your playtime, but more open for changes or something. :)

Best of luck, hopefully you can find your way and still enjoy this awesome game without hurting other, more important matters of life.


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I usually just have to uninstall when things get too bad.

That being said, for me procrastination is basically part of my schedule. If I don't play D2, I will find something else to waste free time on.

Having a wife that really doesn't like me wasting time on computer games has been my main saving grace though :D


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For me it comes and goes in phases actually. I'm playing a lot right now, but probably will get bored at some point again, and RL keeps me focussed on the important stuff too, for me it's just about the time you would "waste" doing silly stuff (such as watching series, movies, surfing...) but wouldn't be particularly social anyway.

So for example, I'm working as a lawyer in a huge firm, quite terrible tbh haha, and normally you'd say that kind of work really sucks regarding the hours, but at least when it comes to those "addictive tendencies" it's actually quite handy as it keeps you occupied with more important RL stuff for the vast majority of the time ;) so while currently I'm very interested in the game, e.g checking this forum a lot and playing in the evenings during the week, the important things are always a priority and weekends are pretty much D2-free and rather about seeing friends and stuff.

So ultimately I think it's just very important not to cut down on social aspects due to playing the game, but as long as it's just those "whatever" hours anyway, I think it's totally fine. Of course you could make better use of that time as well, but you know, it's "whatever". :)


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I have an addictive personality, and keeping this in check is something I constantly have to work on. D2 is a game, that if you really love it, can fall very easily into an addiction. As far as how I handle it; there are several things on a daily basis I have to do like my job and walking the dog. My Dad is restoring his old GTO and I help him with that, and I am married so if I don't spend some time with my wife I feel really guilty. Her Mom died a week ago so I've been spending much more time with her than I normally do. My stepson is a gamer as well so he is rather easy to take care of since he hates sports, which means I don't have to deal with all that BS.

Maybe it's because I am near 40 now, but as you get older social things and friends will not be as high on the priority list. People you used to sicialize with get married and have kids, and just simply hanging out is hard to find the time for. My job does not require me to be social anyway, which is a good thing because the older I get, the more I can't stand people. I am very much into politics, and where I live the people in general are very different than me.

Often times I stay up way too late on the weekdays and only get about 4 hrs of sleep a night because I am up playing D2. There are times I am at work thinking about builds and gear, but I assure you this is during downtime and not while physically working. I mean seriously, if I want to live to play another day, I really must not die at work haha!!! If I could, and it's rare I can do this nowadays, I would sit down at the computer when I get home and stay there until I can't see straight and go to bed. Honestly, doing the other things I mentioned keeps the game fresher and much more fun, and my wrists/hands thank me for it as well. Diablo 2 is my favorite game(even through my love of vanilla D3 it was still my favorite), and if you give it respect by not overdoing it you will be better off.


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Don't play anymore so I dunno. For me it's pretty easy I get fed up after a while and take a break. Not sure if I'll ever play again, but I still enjoy reading here. It's nice to see what builds other people make, and perhaps offer a bit of input.

In a game with infinite possibilities you have to take a break every now and then :)

But still this game will make you crazy/insane :) (possessed?)


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If its hurting your actual life, stop and change that. This game is part of why I failed university papers and had to do an extra year. That extra year really sucked. At times I've burnt out, then it comes back. I'm now in my mid 30s and recognise things, but I'm also married and have kids. I don't want a divorce and only see my kids on some weekends. So I do play some, but ONLY after the important shit is done. I'm the sole income provider for the family, so I have to make sure I get enough sleep and can function in my job. I get a lot of pleasure out of the game, but if its burning the rest of you, you have to make some changes. Unless you have only a short amount of time, just realise that this game will still be 17 years old. You don't need to finish it before the next thing comes along and everyone ditches the game. Take your time.

balance your life.

I also think about the game out of work. However if I find that I'm thinking of that, and I forget something important, then I have to swap things around.


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Good organization is the key, but also sticking to it as well. Simply try to organize things in a way to cover everything important, but also have free time to do some playing with a goal of relaxation and fun. All it takes is get used to it to become your routine and that's all.

Having other interests helps a ton too. That way you will have to split your time on various things and will also develop a better organizing management as well.

My diablo playtime is pretty much reduced on tournaments which are the reason why I still bother with this game. Okay, that and testing obsession to try to make characters work in a best way. My playtime is almost inside organized limits. I play from this hour to this hour, or today I'll play for X hours. Pretty efficient way to stay on schedule and manage 20-40 hours for tourney purposes, but also to find time for other things as well. But this is a part of my routine from all these years of diablo and all the tourneys I played. First round of RFL was first time in my d2 career I played for only 20 hours in 2 weeks for the tourney, because I was really busy with graduation and work at the same time. But you know, good organization and priorities and you are gogogo.


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I just play when i feel like. When it is time to do something else i go do that. So sometimes i sqeeze 12 hours a week sometimes i sqeeze 2 depends on the week :)


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The trick is to decide how much time you can afford to spend on D2 before you start playing, then make yourself stop once you reach that time. Back when I played too much, it was almost always because I got stuck in the "just 5 more minutes" cycle for hours instead of simply stopping at a certain time. If you know you have three hours free before you need to go to sleep, set an alarm on your phone and stop when it goes off. It'll keep you from realizing it's 2 in the morning and you have to go to work/school in six hours.


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I mostly only play these days when watching a backlog of youtube videos or occasionally while streaming. It helps me to limit it to when I would otherwise be "unproductive" on youtube


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For me organising and prioritising my time helps, actually just as Gripphon said.

About 10 years ago in my student days, when I had much more spare time I could get 'lost' in D2 for days. I can very much relate to naturallog's 'just 5 more minutes' (the lost hours in those 5 minutes.... Especially on Bnet with seasons and much more player interaction.
And for me this was fine, because I still went to the pub with friends, had a GF, did lots of sports and passed all my exams (though grades could have been A's instead of B's :)).

I still very much enjoy playing D2, planning new builds and I'd like to put more time in D2: e.g. participate in RFL rounds, 99'er, HC, 1.07 etc. However, thats not possible for me because of wife, 2 young kids, work, sports, friends and family. I prioritise all these before D2.

That means that if during the week I have satisfied my non D2 needs it maybe leaves me with 1-2 hours D2 playtime.
My advice, decide for yourself what you find important and divide beforehand your time accordingly.


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Lots of interesting reads, here. I am glad to hear I'm not alone in this boat :)

Just after rebooting, all my other hobbies got pushed aside. I love working out, watching movies, and listening to podcasts (about movies, working out...), but now, If I don't remain conscious about my gaming, it all gets lost. I think I have improved these last two weeks, even my wife begs to differ :p @Brak What a great idea, seeing the spouse as a resource, rather than a game blocker!

I also have a very addictive nature, like someone here said. I am an extremist in all aspects of life, If I work out, I have to have my own gym. If I watch movies, I'd like to write one, If I follow politics, I'd like to run for parliament.

@Korlic Addiction is not the right word, possession is more up my alley :confused:


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That podcast can run while you play d2 you know that right? And workout? my order is like this, Family, Work, workout, fun (hence the 2 hours a week sometimes). priorities is the keyword here :)

edit: what i mean to say is that it is in your head sir... you allow yourself to push your other hobbies aside :)


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Well, your not the first and definitely not the last. D2 and WoW as well create addictive habbits. Many people have poured years of their life Into this game. I played a lot in 1.12 and remember during some ladder resets, I would go 3-4 days without sleeping.

This game is poison, but one that only brings your life to 1. It won't kill you, but it feels so. I broke my habit the first time by uninstalling and giving my CD keys away. Then finding more productive hobbies. I don't play d2 much, instead I mod it and use the game as a way to get better at coding before I go to college. My advice is find other hobbies so you can limit d2 to a few hours a day.


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I'm like a toddler, so I follow a pretty strict routine:

4:30-5:00 PM: pick up my son from daycare
5:00-7:00 PM: cook dinner for wife and son, feed cat, and spend time with both of them
7:00-7:30 PM: bath time for my son
7:30-8:00 PM: either DII or Strat-o-Matic (depending on what I feel like)
8-00:9:00 PM: spend time with my wife
9:00-10:30 to 11:00 PM: wife goes to bed; either DII or Strat-o-Matic (depending on what I feel like)

The rule is that toddlers thrive on routine, so never deviate. I have a very addictive nature, so I consider myself a toddler of sorts and force myself to follow this routine when I'm at home in the evening. I also try and stay active in sports, so some nights I'm away from home.


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I definitely have to take care as well, to not get too deep into a game (usually D2). The things that keep me from playing it too much are the same as some other people here: work, the wife, kids. And then running. That is a major factor. Times when I'm injured are often times when I'm playing too much, because I have more time, and because I'm frustrated due to the injury. Luckily this hasn't happened for a long time now.

Tournaments like the recent RFL are definitely things that can push me towards the 'wrong' side, and I start playing too much, and at times when I should or at least could be doing more meaningful things in RL. Luckily after a while I always realize it's like that, and I back off again. Good thing, not only because of the time spent on the game, but also because in the end, when I get to that stage, if I'm honest, I have to admit I'm not really enjoying the game anymore. Which is stupid obviously. So then I get my priorities right again, and when I do play D2, I get back to doing the things there I enjoy most, and also relax while doing so, so it doesn't matter anymore if I get super fast run times or not, if I get good drops or not, ...