[Guide] Diablo 1 + Remake + 3D + Same Gameplay

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Releases before I saw at midnight upcoming clash of D4. Inspired by logical thoughts I decided starting creating a game close surpass to D1. Which could be useful else sorrow. Known to prisma the creator has no foul and inhabits altogether the knowing which D1 held. Whether remake or else it is a clone not but within same dimension. Like a mod without changes.

Q: Does it leave soon?
A: Not in a year. Possibly least on as an advanced rpg event.

Q: Where does it appear?
A: Platforms useful likely to be close to advanced gaming.

Q: Why? D4 is fine now.
A: Absurd but the game is in the manner to be Diablo (as of 1996).

Q: Hide and seek?
A: Not yet to be known, probably its kept realistic like a sword would drop after the dead of an enemy which wielded it before. And you can advance with it.

Thanks I shared my thoughts.


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The translation is difficult. Still, I'll bite.

I don't know if D1 in full 3D would help, really. A large part of the original's atmosphere had everything to do with art design, and stripping away that element may leave you with something nothing better than Diablo 3's crack at it, which simply wouldn't be an upgrade to the experience.