Diablo 1 - "Nightmare" Single Player


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Has anyone tried Nightmare/Hell mode in Diablo 1 Single Player (not Hellfire) ? As you may know, the original Diablo doesn't have higher levels than normal in single player. They're available by bug-using:
1. Start Diablo.
2. Select multi player. Choose a character that is at least level 20 (30 for Hell) and enter a game in the desired difficulty.
3. Quit game and go back to the main menu, but do not exit Diablo. If you exit Diablo, return to step 1.
4. Enter single player and choose your character. You should create a new game instead of loading (unless the game you're loading happens to already be in that difficulty) or else weird things could happen.
5. Due to the nature of when things are created within the game, you must repeat this process each time you load your game on that difficulty."

Found that somewhere on the internet.

It works. At least the monster levels and drops are affected. My 25 lvl Warrior killed Diablo with ease. The single Advocate was harder to kill ! No joke. And now, I can finish the nightmare Church with fists. Broken. Maybe even completely naked. I am disappointed. Nightmare isn't harder than normal. This still need investigation like Butcher fight (rolled this quest).

BTW: Anyone's interested in my Warrior's stats? :)


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@RadTang What are the stats and gear?
I don't even have that char now on my PC. Deleted D1 and so on. Had some pics on my private fb but that's Hellfire Warrior.
Don't remember if it was this one. :) I can share the pics though. They were made before Diablo fight. Pics: stats + items worn.

I played modded Hellfire - nothing special, just some bugfixes (1.02.A5 mod).



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Used my real life name :) I'm not very creative :p That was probably last time I played D1, at least last time I remember.