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Dexterity vs Strength

Discussion in 'Newcomer Forum' started by Panos, Dec 5, 2014.

  1. Panos

    Panos Diabloii.Net Member

    Jan 16, 2012
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    Diablo II, ACTII, Hell, Paladin (Zeal-fanatism)

    This is a question I always get since the beginning. Strength has to do with damage (and gear) and dexterity has to do with hitting the target with less strikes (forget about the defense), correct?

    I have a socketed 3 helmet and trying to understand if my attack will become for efficient by increasing by 30 the damage or by 30 the dexterity. Also I noticed that the perfect diamond although it says +100 to attack rating practically it increases the Zeal attack rating (maybe because of the zeal?) by 450! Each diamond. Why?

    Generally which or the 3 (attack rating-dexterity-strength) would you choose?

  2. Noodle

    Noodle Moderator

    Jul 18, 2003
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    Dexterity is a pretty lousy way to increase AR. I generally use enough strength to equip my items, enough dexterity to hit my targeted blocking percentage (with a pally and Holy Shield I would go for 75%) and pump up my life with the rest. Two pieces of the Angelic set can give a big boost to AR in the short term, and as your level rises closer to and above that of the monsters you face, your chance to hit will also naturally rise. For bosses, one point in Smite is useful as it always hits.

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