Dex/AR gear for Zealot (Grief PB)


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Dex/AR gear for Zealot (Grief PB)

I got myself a grief PB, but to get the dex I need to use it, I'm currently using less than stellar stuff to boost my dex (crown of thieves, etc). Should I just put points into my dexterity to get enough base dex to wear the PB without wearing gear I don't want for anything but the dex? Or should I just wear dex gear?

Also, my AR is pretty pathetic (2.3ish K with zeal/fanat on). I was considering angelic rings for this (though I'd need to do something about my dex in that case, since taking off my current rings would leave me needing a good deal more dex). Speaking of angelics, would using only 2 angelic rings count as wearing 2 set items, or just 1? As in, would I get 2x the AR bonuses from just wearing the two rings and nothing else from the set?

Also, is there something else (that isn't that expensive) that I could use besides angelic rings to get more AR? At the moment, this char's mainly pvm, so my AR doesn't need to be stratospheric (I'm hoping for 5-6k+).


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Ditch the Crown of Thieves unless you're PvM then it's not a bad replacement. Adding points into dexterity isn't the worst thing you can ever do.

2.3k is not pretty pathetic, it's horrid. I've had low level duelers with more attack rating than that. Yes, you do get double the set bonuses (+2000 AR wearing both rings at decent level). I'm not sure about the dex, I think you only gain 10 dexterity because it's a partial set bonus not an individual set item bonus.

Raven Frost add +15-20 dexterity a piece, 150-250 attack rating, and cannot be frozen. Raven Frost's would be your best bet.


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Thanks for the reply. I am mainly PvM, so I suppose I'll stick with the CoT for now (the 12 leech on it seems to be rather helpful at the moment).

Would wearing two 200ish AR ravens be enough boost my AR up to reasonable levels? Or should I just try to go for the angelics?


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pvm 8k+ seems to work well enough for me. Go with two ravens, highlords or maybe metalgrid and stick some AR charms in the inventory. (the ravens will also help with dex to equip the phase blade)

warcraftgosu: He's mainly pvm so AR won't be of to much concern, abit OT but I was in a ZvZ room the other day and beat 3 zealots (all geared fairly well, two of them 30k+ defense exile users) with my pvm raven/raven/highlords setup. I only had 10k AR and was still hitting often enough.


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oh maybe i faced some barbs with massive/block and Defence too then
Do u play West Ladder? i would like to face you


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PvM zealots with grief don't even need 2k ar to survive. Grief is ITD which means all little monsters hit the ground regardless of AR. Only bosses, champs, superuniques and ubers will be immune to itd. But you can use smite for that.

If duelling with twin angelics, i suggest cham Levi for armor so as to gain CBF.

the boss

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Please state your gear, so we can work out something from there

Skills maxed?
charms filled up?
Base dex stats?

Give us some info..