desperately iso list


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desperately iso list

fast run walk-fire skills gcs
elemental druid lifers/ fhr
40s armor with 80+ life
fast run walk-shapeshift gcs
cta scepter with 3 holy shield
cta staff with 3 energy shield 3 blaze
eth 3os tombreaver
3 fire skills 90+ life amulet
2 druid skills frw amulet
druid frw visionary helm
frw mana scs

i have all runes ft, also i am new so if you could please tell me what you want for the items it would help a lot


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Re: desperately iso list

Could be wrong about this but I think that holy shield defaults to whatever your current skill level is when you switch weapons/gear. Again may be wrong, but I seem to remember trying to prebuff my smiter with a higher HS and it not changing my dmg at all :( Just mentioning because I assume this is what you want the HS/CTA scepter for.


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Re: desperately iso list

i have elemental druid 21 lifer~
don't know the value of it, so plez offer me first...