Desires for Unannounced Project


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I am very interested in what D4 looks like in a post-D3, path of exile, grim dawn era. Blizzard has a ton of feedback on the creative direction taken in D3 and i really hope they change things up in D4. Some of my desires:

-Push the graphics. I remember D1 punishing my Gateway PC back in ‘97 and D2 was optimized for Voodoo GPUs... an aggressive choice in terms of bleeding edge hardware (the irony is that Voodoo discontinued manufacturing around D2 release)

-Hire back Matt Uelman for music. He is a legend, and kicked butt in D1 and D2.

-Stick to D1 darkness and style, which i truly believe inspired the Dark Souls/Bloodbourne level design. That is true horror layout, not a few guts on the wall in a cellar in Act 2, ala D3. D3 Act 3 was pretty good, but I think D1 is still where the darkness was just right.

-Crank up the random tilesets in outdoor enviros and dungeons

-The return of geeky stuff from D1 like the monster kill counter? I thought it was so cool to see how many of each creature i had slaughtered.

Interested in what some of you think about direction for itemization. What are your thoughts on itemization... where has it been done best?


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The D3 team only got major feedback after the initial game launched. I think they changed what they could during various patches and especially the expansion, but the core mechanics were just too flawed to get more out of the game. So I'm still relatively positive Blizzard can make D4 a very good game.

But as long as we don't know more about this new project, it's dangerous to call it D4 and assume it will be the follow-up for D3 on PC. It might as well be something completely different, set in the Diablo universe.