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Design help plz

Discussion in 'Classic' started by Mirrislegend, Jul 3, 2008.

  1. Mirrislegend

    Mirrislegend IncGamers Member

    Apr 30, 2008
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    Design help plz

    I've come up with a cute design idea that I'm trying to further refine before I build it on non-ladder.

    Hi hi hi IAS (regular damage can be negligible) + open wounds and/or CB

    I cannot decide if this should be on a Fanaticism Zealer or a WW Barb. I'm thinking Zealer in classic, but the Barb in LoD (where ias matters for ww). Opinions?

    Any suggestions on how to optimize IAS while still keeping decent CB?

    Whats the best IAS wep I can get? I vaguely remember hearing something like a 40 IAS flail class weapon. If so, what's the best way/place for me to find it?
  2. fledgeling

    fledgeling IncGamers Member

    Nov 20, 2005
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    Re: Design help plz

    Utilize the fact that barbs have a 4frame whirlwind (as far as I understand) and use the unique axe called gnasher (20% crushing blow, 60% open wounds). Then add goblin toe boots (25% crushing blow) and rattlecage (another 25% crushing blow) - and perhaps even swordback hold for additional open wounds...

    An alternative to gnasher/shield is the good, old bonesnap (crushing blow/resists).

    Please note that the gnasher build has been tried by someone here, so you could search for the results (I think that person was using a pavise as a shield - and tried to duel).
    As for the bonesnap barb, with sigon helmet/gloves and angelic rings/amulets it is a cheap, type of barb that works if you put a lot into natural resists. They can also hurt BvBs, but dont expect for a bonesnap barb to kill a real BvB.
  3. barty

    barty IncGamers Member

    Apr 29, 2008
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    Re: Design help plz

    open wounds wont really help till a hier lvl i beleive but, for a fast attack here a suggestion for a zeal pally[btw not really taking res into consideration this is all speed and dmg/ar setup] :
    twitch = +20 ias, increased chance to block , 10 str 10 dex not bad not bad
    sigs helm+ gloves = +30 ias, 10 life leech
    lvl 20 fana = +35 ias, massive ar and dmg boost
    goldwrap uniqe heavy belt = +10 ias, 30 mf gold bonus blah blah
    ang ammy +1 ang ring = some life and massive ar boots based on char lvl [u can possibly use 2 rings if u leech from weapon for gosu ar] or replace 1 ang ring with mana/life leech ring
    goblin toes = +25% cb
    thats effectively gives u +95 ias[wihtout weapon], 20 stat points, 30 mf massive ar dmg increased etc.
    optional weapons/shields [mix and match]:
    generals tan do liga+swordback = range 3 flail, slows targets by 50%, 5 mana leech, also has +40 ias on an already very fast attack, 50%open wounds
    rixots+sback = crushing blow, fast attack, attack rating bonus
    cleg sword + shield= massive ar bonus, good dmg at high lvls on sword
    also remember the uniq shield that blinds ah UMBRALL, that may help mix and match
    lets see what else um...
    gnasher+umbrall/sback [ or u can use a res shield for some res w/e]= lots of ow/cb/blind

    u can also switch out gwrap for a cold dmg belt sacrificing some ias but, the cold dmg with zeal would be GG paired with the slow from generals flail...
    dream weapon for me is either generals or a +2 pal 120 ish KNOUT, with 2x leech and - req, also 40 ias. that would get u a bit of dmg .
    i would think 25% cb is quite enough at like 100 attacks per second, just my quick .02,
    sorry for leaving other items and ideas out.

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